why is college hoops 2k8 so expensive

Low-major programs get the fewest recruiting points. It's incredibly fun.

28 comments. My guy Ferdinand has style: Cissie moves to the three and also maintains his overall rating of 69. I’m heading into the conference tournament at 14-12 overall and 10-8 in the Summit League. I sign Cisse the next week.

It features the likeness of Stephen Curry as a sophomore on Davidson, Derrick Rose as a freshman on Memphis, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook on UCLA, James Harden on Arizona State, and Tyler Hansbrough on North Carolina. I have a legacy that I play where I was at Arkansas Pine-Bluff for a two years and then went to Western Michigan where I am in my fourth season with them. This is finally the time for Wilson to get his due.

Just trying to get some guards in here. A few copies did make it out into the wild though, and they’ve been in circulation ever since. 1” plays, my writing during this first season is going to primarily focus on recruiting (there will be more focus on the games, the rankings, and the standings moving forward). Once a player gets above 75 percent interest, they can tour the school, which is the most effective recruiting tool and can only be used once.

It would be really cool to own an NBA Jam arcade cabinet, though. He’ll be good. 133 overall and No. Given that his second priority is “playing at a big program,” I am getting worried I’ll lose him.
For the serious collector, retro video games can be an expensive hobby. That’s another achievement point. I have completed multiple legacies through simulation. It’s also going to be damn hard to hit “coach a team to the No. Maybe his first priority being “feeling wanted” means I still have a chance? 47 power forward.

288 overall and the No. Unlike other NBA Live games that have been cancelled, NBA Elite 11 was actually finished and ready to ship. I recently picked it up again and started a dynasty with USC Upstate. I have played through way too many dynasties in this game since it was released at the end of my own college years — never actually playing the games, but simming through the seasons and doing the recruiting. The year is 2010 and i'm still playing a College basketball game from 2008. Seems like a long shot. Let’s begin with one of the most obvious examples: NBA Elite 11. That's why I actually picked them to make the Sweet 16 the year they did. After finishing fifth in the A-Sun regular season, I went on to win the A-Sun tourney and somehow made an incredible run (beating Baylor, Texas A&M, and Auburn) to the Elite 8 losing by 1 to a Blake Griffin led Oklahoma team. I figure I can move him to small forward in the unlikely event I land him and Meyer. They’re something that only the most serious collectors with deep pockets, or perhaps entertainment establishments, will pursue. The real gold mine of College Hoops 2K8 is found in career legacy mode, where you start off as a poorly-rated coach with the choice of only low-major schools to take over at the start of a 40-year career. In 2017, five copies – three of them factory sealed – were listed for $30,000 USD. By default you miss way too many wide open ones. Sheesh, those are some gigantic numbers, even better than what he actually put up as a junior. It speaks to how popular and well-regarded College Hoops 2K8 was, and how eager people are to cash in on a defunct series. Let’s begin with one of the most obvious examples: NBA Elite 11. 43 power forward. This week’s Five lists five of the most expensive basketball games that collectors can buy. Tagged with: Collection College Hoops 2K8 Lakers vs. Celtics NBA Elite 11 NBA Hangtime NBA Jam NBA Jam Tournament Edition NCAA Basketball 09 NCAA Basketball 10 NCAA College Basketball 2K3 NCAA March Madness 08 Retro The Friday Five. The missed layups can be frustrating but the game is still awesome in general. In 2012, the price was observed to be dropping, though a 2013 article reports new copies as being listed at (and possibly even selling for) around $20,000 USD.

I reassemble my rotation based on my players’ mid-season improvements. In a world where March Madness is canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no better way to get your college basketball fix in. The Friday Five is a feature that I post every Friday in which I give my thoughts on a topic that’s related to NBA Live, NBA 2K, and other basketball video games, as well as the real NBA, and other areas of interest to our community. After the first week, neither seem like a good bet. Let’s start off by answering some basic questions about the game. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. That’s my first recruit. I’m talking at least around $180 AUD (around $120 USD), not including postage. If you weren’t aware that NCAA College Basketball 2K3 was a rare and expensive retro hoops title, don’t worry; I didn’t know myself until I was doing research for this article! I also throw out offers to Alvin Cable, the No. If it’s a full, working cabinet you’re after, then prices begin in the vicinity of $2,000 AUD.
Does anyone know where I could acquire a copy of this game for PC? Also, Meyer gets an offer from another school who was already above me in interest, so I drop out. Typically, that ends with you taking a job like North Carolina or Kentucky or UCLA. As a rare and unreleased game, copies of NBA Elite 11 are very expensive despite its lack of quality. I fancy myself a collector of basketball video games, but I’d need to be much wealthier to consider picking up these expensive titles.

But oh shit, Richards now has no other suitors. I reserve the right to watch the computer actually play the simulated game though, especially if it’s in the NCAA tournament. There are some rare titles that don’t come cheap, and among them, you’ll find a few basketball games.

I’m gonna ride it out until he has an offer. in Basketball Video Games, Features, The Friday Five In 2 years it just doesn't seem like they have made a lot of progress. Onto year two, with four more open scholarships to fill. I’m a little worried about his ability to move to center given these block numbers, but the scoring, rebounding, three-point AAU stats are encouraging.

That’s all for this week, so thanks for checking in, have a great weekend, and please join me again next Friday for another Five. I also get an achievement point for going a full season without an unhappy player. Bronson will also have to be a spring signing in a best-case scenario. Hell yeah. ... continued The Leathernecks enter the 2032 Final Four looking for their fifth national title in program history in our College Hoops 2K8 stream. It was the last 2k college basketball game. Four freshmen in the starting lineup, y’all. 43 power forward. Bill Self now has no national championships :-(. We’ll move Thompson to center — easily big enough for the five in the Summit League at 6’8, 252 pounds — and a starting front court for the next four years. Once again, the rarity that comes with being an unreleased game has made the PAL version of Lakers vs Celtics a very expensive collector’s item when a copy is found. 182 in his class (and the No. I notice Wyoming also has interest in another point guard on my target list who is ranked even higher than Bronson, so I decide to not give up on Bronson yet and fly out to recruit him again before sending him an offer.

EA’s series may have become cheaper to collect in the years since, but the rival College Hoops series by 2K Sports is proving to be far more expensive to obtain; at least in my experience. 0. Honestly, I doubt you'd be able to get that to work.

I spend the next few weeks trading off wins and losses, and hit my first achievement point when I get to 10 wins in a season.

Hell yeah. Staying at one school for the entirety of the legacy also means there will be certain coaching goals that can’t be reached, so that’s one less attribute point to eventually improve my coach. There are also JUCO players and international players rated on the same scale. For the retro basketball gamer, there’s obviously one arcade game that stands out: NBA Jam, or perhaps its sequel, NBA Jam Tournament Edition. NBA Elite 11. Fortunately, I have four open scholarships to work with. I would give anything to have a college basketball game on next gen. Bronson is looking up too, after Wyoming drops off his board completely.

Thompson is up to 85 percent interest, but he’s likely not signing early. Yep still play it daily. There are a number of new features to this year's iteration of College Hoops. My three best players are freshmen and four of my top five. I also fly out to visit point guard Bert Bronson, the No.

The Bears’ wide receiver was ejected after throwing two punches at the head of a New Orleans Saints’ defensive back. This is Leatherneck country, baby.

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