what liga mx team should i support quiz

"Cajas y cajas y cajas hoy!" What Liga BBVA Team Do You Support. Let's go! Which sport do you prefer? This has been a very strange offseason and I have to confess that I hardly feel prepared at all to follow Chivas USA in 2013. There is an interesting dynamic in Mexican soccer where professional teams are associated with colleges/universities and that concept is strange for Americans used to them being separate. It’s based in the northern city of Torreón and its successful management is reflective of the city it represents. It folded in the 70s only for the team to be resurrected in the 90s, folded again, and then resurrected again in 2002. Liga MX: Leon & Toluca good weekend, Tijuana bad, Don’t expect LAFC star Carlos Vela back for weeks yet. And Boobs. Comments: I have a soft spot for Atlas. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Date: 29th August 2014 at 11:29pm Written by: Forza Italian Football Staff. I have tried following leagues in the past and quite frankly, I have found it nearly impossible to follow any sport without a team to pull for; it's just not as much fun if you don't have a horse in the race. Camotes are candies made out of sweet potato that come in different flavours and are made in Puebla. By Ladyashley | Last updated: Jul 11, 2018, What Football Position Best Fits You? LAFC’s postponed game against Colorado Rapids won’t be made up. Nor am I wanting to bet on a surefire relegation target (they do have relegation in Liga MX, right?). Finally, in 1999, they broke through for their first championship and have won 5 more since, making them one of the winningest teams of this century. I’ve always liked chorizo and they make the best Jerry the best chorizo of all México in Toluca. Personality Quiz: Which Premier League Team Should I Support? Please state the case for your team in the comments below or you can tweet me at @mhoff. Tigres have been more successful and have surpassed their older brothers. Cruz Azul, we're on our way to win the league. Strange though, because a LOT of good players go through their academy (hence the nickname). It's no fun rooting for a team you never get to see. Atlético Madrid is a hardworking team and Crew fans would feel at home among its supporters and players. At least there’s really good fishing there! Cookies help us deliver our Services. If you like your teams with crazy histories and incredible tales, this is your team. It also helps that they are the two winningest teams in Mexican fútbol. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. The problem is they go on to play for bigger clubs and achieve success there. They are the little brother in Guadalajara to Chivas and not only do they hardly ever get attention, they hardly win. Maybe I fondly remember family trips there? BBC Sport - Which Premier League team should I support? It somewhat mirrors the rise of the city it represents as Monterrey the city has grown greatly in population and economic importance in México. @mexicoworldcup Vergara has been the worst thing to happen to Guadalajara since the sewer explosions of 1992. QUIZ: Which Serie A team SHOULD you support? Of course, if the same team wins both, it automatically goes up. They are shaped like cigars and I have been known to eat one pretending it’s a cigar. It’s also the most liberal and where most protests originate, so consider that as well. They also have a kickass renovated stadium that makes really good use of the corners of a chocolate box. Nickname(s): Los Monarcas (The Monarchs), Los Canarios (The Canaries). So, Monterrey is the new Milan? More unfortunate news in an unfortunate time. Please state the case for your team in the comments below or you can tweet me at @mhoff. Volkswagen has a gigantic car-making plant in Puebla and has, ever since I can remember, always sponsored the team. Liga MX has taken it a step further, though. In each season, each team plays the other teams once. Which Liga MX team should I follow? We’ve already got a healthy Premier League-loving community but those games are all but done by mid-day or mid-afternoon, depending on which side of the North American continent you reside in. Comments: Tigres is, like Atlas to Chivas, the baby brother to Monterrey. Therefore, both countries have embraced playoffs for their sporting competitions. However, in this city, the roles are reversed. Quiz. Nickname(s): Tiburones Rojos (Red Sharks). Pick Queretaro. Adding to that is the fact that relegated Mexican teams have LITERALLY bought the teams rising from the Second Division and have taken their place in Liga MX for the next year. Only one team is relegated after the Clausura season and only one team comes up for the next Apertura and Clausura seasons because the Mexican Second Division (called Liga MX Ascenso or Liga MX “Rising”) has their Apertura and Clausura champions play each other for the right to go to Liga MX. This is your team. Well this quiz will recommend one Take this quiz! Next to the National Team, Chivas gets the most attention from all media. Which Premier League team should I support? Take the quiz to find out. As we all know, there is only one game left in the NFL season. ... xalapa ver mx Club: Harrisburg City Isl. Personally I love the Xolos, because they have one of the coolest logos in all of Futbol and had great jerseys that I could get on Ebay, and UNAM because its dope how they have their Logo like a football jersey. Alas, América broke their hearts again, but there’s always next year. The obvious candidate would be Chivas de Guadalajara. Stuck on which football team to follow this season? Pumas , we got the best uniforms and the start of this season looks promising. Comments: Do you like sweet potatoes? Comments: I’ve always loved León’s green uniforms, going all the way back to when I was a kid. Pretty much anything that starts with the letter B. Preferably together. Finish in Apertura 2018: Champions. Comments: Do you love aqueducts? Comments: I had to check this carefully to make sure it wasn’t a mistake but it’s true that Morelia has only won one championship in 94 years of existence. Yeah, they’ve been relegated, but they have been in the first division for approximately 60-70 years. Oh, and the radical left, which in México actually means something. That means it’s time to find other sports and divertissements to amuse ourselves. For better or worse, the identity of the team is tied to the identity of the university and the team’s fanbase is mostly students, alums, and their families. Truth be told, this is the winningest team of all time, so maybe there’s something to that approach…. In the La Liga, twenty football clubs compete in it. They founded Pachuca. So now, they are the Washington [*Redacteds] in the comments. When do you play soccer? HOLY shit, man. Nickname(s): La Máquina (The Machine), Los Cementeros (the cement makers), Finish in Apertura 2018: 1st in regular season (lost in Final of playoffs). Surprised you’re not a Tigres fan since UANL is like a good question to ask a girl. In order to keep up with Chivas and their new direction, I have got to familiarize myself with the league and learn the Mexican game. That being said, I would love to find a team to fall in love with and start supporting. Here is some of my criteria for picking a side: I want a team that's good enough to show up on television* from time to time. That being said, I would love to find a team to fall in love with and start supporting. Red and White. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Anyway, there are a few more quirks, but I know you want to get to know the teams. Comments: Veracruz has the distinction of being the first team to win the Mexican championship from outside México City.

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