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This also earned them many enemies in a short amount of time. Carna herself tries to keep the House to the Camarilla, but just like any House even in prior editions, you might have a defector or otherwise small group or Carna as Anarchs. Originally a peasant girl from a dysfunctional family, Carna was taken up as the blood doll of a Tremere Prince who took her to her residence. The Tremere are divided in houses (Tremere, Goratrix, Carna and Ipsissimus), but only House Tremere is firmly inside the Camarilla.

Ventrues are called the Clan of Kings, and, for a long time, they were the de-facto leaders of the Camarilla. Their connection with the shadows also makes them take extra damage in the sunlight. They love art, beauty and those humans that are able to create it. (The Tremere hierarchy was heavily attacked in 2008. Embraced Toreador Disciplines reflect this: they have Celerity, perfect for moving gracefully; Auspex, which lets them Heighten their senses to perceive the smallest details, as well as to read the mind of an artist or access a more spiritual plane; and Presence, like the Ventrue, which they tend to use to make entire rooms fall in love with them.

2. Other vampires fear their unnatural powers, and they have trouble trusting them, as the Tremere like to experiment with ALL kinds of blood. Assamites are very deliberate when they choose new Childer to embrace, and they make sure that any potential candidate is worthy of their clan and also shares similar values to their own. Head of House CarnaFormer Regent of MilwaukeeFormer PrimogenFormer Prince of Marseilles & 3 Other Titles You Should Play, Batman: Three Jokers #3 Delivers a Bloody Conclusion With Intriguing Teases, Black Widow: Widow's Sting #1 Is a Lightweight Standalone Tale, X of Swords: Stasis #1 Is a Long-Winded Interlude, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Delivers a Fresh Instant Classic, Dune: House Atreides #1 Brings Readers to an Early Vision of Arrakis, Crossover #1 Transcends Its Premise With a Meditation on Superhero Events, Why Postal III Is the WORST Game in the Series, PS Plus: Everything You Need To Know About November 2020's Free Games, Sony Breaks Down PS5's Accessibility Features, Flames of Freedom: Zweihander's Gothic Horror Take on 1776, The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for New Players, Marvel's Avengers Patch 1.3.3: Tachyon Rifts, Temporal Anomalies and a Ton of Bug Fixes, Shadow of Mordor Is Sunsetting Online Features in 2021 - Here's What That Means, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Is the Perfect Game to Try This Halloween Weekend, The Fallout Series Ranked, According to Critics, Super Smash Bros Has Already Issued a Significant Minecraft Steve Change, Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Three HUGE Classic Games Are Playable in Club Sega. They're creepy and I think they like it that way. Let's take a look at the Ventrue, Toreador, Malkavian, Tremere, Nosferatu, Lasombra and Banu Haqim.

After having been taken to Vienna, Carna worked to earn her standing within the clan, eventually even managing to claim Praxis over Marseilles. However, this weakness is largely balanced by their core beliefs in Justice, Fairness and Truth.

The Nosferatu are still technically part of the Camarilla, but their real loyalty lies within their clan. Carna is the former Regent and Primogen of Clan Tremere in Milwaukee and one-time Prince of Marseilles.

They wield power and force their will on those they judge inferior either in blood or in class. In secret, she fears the vengeance of Tremere for her rebellion and hopes to sway the rest of the Clan to her ways. The truth is that she is growing tired of all the intrigue. Their Bane is that they suffer in ugly environments, and, to top it off, they have the Compulsion of Beauty, which can enrapture them in place for a long time, possibly leading to death by dawn.

Carna apparently managed to slay her supervisor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. White Wolf Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Tremere began as House Tremere, mages of the Order of Hermes named for their leader and founder, Tremere. Highly structured, ambitious, invested in their own history and in noblesse oblige, and self-styled as the clan that was the most loyal to their elders, Ventrue are unafraid to take charge. Related: LA By Night's Jason Carl Talks The World of Darkness, Bloodlines 2. However, Carna is a Low Humanity serial killer. Carna

Tremere: Tremere are a clan of blood sorcerers and mages originally belonging to the Order of Hermes.

More Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Wiki, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines/Console, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Wiki. Tremere They are generally affable (except with Toreadors) and have fantastic senses of humor. The Tremere gained their immortal status by experimenting with Tzimisce Vitae. However, they recovered quickly, becoming Thaumaturgy (Blood Magic) wielders, intellectual powerhouses and one of the pillars of the Camarilla. Until the end of the 20th century, organized Tremere antitribu were to be found in the Sabbat. Their Bane is their extremely refined palate, which reduces their prey to a very specific group of humans, usually related to what the Ventrue loved in their human life,  from blue-eyed vegans to motorheads. You can endure her shameless self-promotion by joining her five Twitter followers at @BeaCaicoya. Facing the possibility of losing everything, Tremere ordered research into alternate methods of sustaining their lives. The members of Inner Council are missing or dead, meaning the bloodbond were broken, which caused four Tremere houses to gain strength) 1. Level 1 Dominate in dialogs. This is due to their connection with the Abyss, the cold mystical place where light perishes, and that sometimes can be crafted into a handy meeting place. The Tremere were never supposed to be vampires; they were Mages that arrived at vampirism through a fumbled experiment to obtain eternal life. Autarkis (current)Clan Tremere (formerly) The power structure of the entire Tremere clan was originally a very rigid hierarchy held together by a mass Blood Bond, known as the Pyramid, with the founder Tremere himself at the top. RELATED: An Anarch Returns in Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. In 2008, several years following the infiltration of SchreckNet, the Second Inquisition dealt a mighty blow to the clan by locating and destroying the Vienna Chantry, the international heart of the Pyramid.

Banu Haqim joining the Camarilla was a surprise, as the Camarilla was supposed to accept the Followers of Set instead, but changed its mind at the last minute. But to be honest, I don't hear much about the Tremere. They leave a trail of (literally and metaphorically) broken hearts behind. The classic house Tremere hierarchic, Camarilla, now managed by Karl Schrekt. Can raise no Physical Attribute above 4. Carna has straight blond hair that hides half her face. Unlike other clans, the Tremere are very selective of who they Embrace; there are strict traditions and laws concerning an Embrace. Thaumaturgy, Auspex, Dominate

RELATED: Vampire: The Masquerade - What You Need to Know About LA by Night. Whether they are dreaded, distrusted, or despised, one thing the Tremere are not is ignored. Discipline(s): The Nosferatu are excellent information brokers, as they are experts in the art of hiding anywhere and extracting gossip even from rats. Like if you put Elizabeth Bathory in charge of a House of Tremere. But everything changed when the Second Inquisition destroyed the main Tremere's Main Chantry in Vienna in 2008, decapitating their Pyramid and unbinding most of the clan. Carna is the former Regent and Primogen of Clan Tremere in Milwaukee and one-time Prince of Marseilles. There's a few in LA but all in all there's not that many of them. Toreadors are constantly looking for the creative spark that they lost when they were embraced and, ideally, to bond the next Frida Kahlo to them.

Smart neonates could climb the Pyramid and become Heads of Chantry. They are considered to be back-stabbers by other vampire clans. 1419 By now, she leads House Carna, a splinter group from the main Clan with sympathies to the Anarch Movement. Most Malkavians are also highly intelligent, quite open-minded and extremely skilled researchers.

Thanks to the Madness Network, Malkavians can peek into the future -- although separating useful information from the mumblings of their clanmates can prove difficult. Afflicted with horrific deformations that make them a physical breach of the Masquerade, the Nosferatu have occupied the unseen parts of town, creating alliances with the invisible and the forgotten and cultivating herds of humans loyal to their cause. Camarilla

She herself answers to an agent of the Inner Council, the assassin Victor. In the past, the Tremere had an extremely hierarchical, meritocratic structure, where newly embraced vampires were blood-bonded to their leaders, an act that guaranteed their loyalty to the clan. Sire treh-meer

Their Bane is that their connection with the Abyss prevents them from interacting with technology -- electrical devices malfunction around them, and their images and voices are always distorted. Tremere Pronunciation: Toreadors are the most seductive of vampires. Tremere Disciplines include Auspex, Dominate and Blood Sorcery, but now they have the Bane of being unable to bond other vampires, as well as the Compulsion of Perfectionism, which forces them to loop actions until they turn out just right to their exacting standards. The Lasombra emblem, the crown, signals their belief that they are the worthy rulers of vampires due to governing over the lesser clans, which puts them at odds with the Ventrue. At the end of the first millennium, the members of House Tremere realized the Hermetic arts were failing and found its immortality potions no longer working. 1435 I don't have any reason to trust 'em. The less hierarchical house Carna oriented to paganism and witchcraft. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Within these factions are clans that embody different vampiric archetypes.

They are also mentally connected among all the members of their clan through the Madness Network. Most are technologically gifted and really good in a fight. When the other primogen suspected her of turning antitribu, they staked her and delivered her back to Victor. In rage, he Embraced Carna as revenge, believing that she would have an even lesser standing within the clan than he, since she was a woman.

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