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Anime As the game progresses, Sebastian notices the servants' lively behavior with Elizabeth and wonders what they are up to. After gathering information from them, he kills them by letting them fall off a cliff to their deaths. Everyone feels that his eyesight may have been affected by the attack as well. Lau confesses that he has always wanted to say it at least once, and Ciel berates him. [298] Ciel starts by showing her some toys; after some time playing, she falls asleep. [246] Ciel watches as Sebastian "handles" the drawing for the "fair and impartial" dorm matchups for the game.

Surprised, Ciel comments that Edward looks pale.

She tells them that Ciel's eyes are fine; the condition was mostly psychological. [438], At Ciel's office in Funtom Music Hall, Sebastian watches as Ciel tells the Phantom Five that they must perform well. As he tries to decipher them, he suddenly reaches a startling conclusion.

He also explains the dolls were placed on the ship in equal amount to the living to see how much of each creature would survive. [57] Sebastian bursts in to save Soma, albeit in disguise. He stopped, however, when Ciel suddenly turned around and stated that he was determined to attain his revenge. [419], At Hopkins' Tailor Shop, Nina forces Sebastian to change in and out of several outfits, to Ciel's amusement. Sebastian adds that even the Queen's selfishness is incomparable to Ciel's. Sebastian reveals that they know that the corpses, which have been popping up around London, are coming from Sphere Music Hall and that Sphere has been using the Starlight Four to attract people and harvest their blood. When Sebastian sets the room on fire, he recalls Ciel's orders. There he asks Finnian to leave for a while. [403], Later, another prostitute joins them, and Sebastian hears a popular song originating from the Sphere Music Hall from them. They, then, refine their speech, mannerisms, singing, dancing, and skills through rigorous lessons under Sebastian's guidance. He then comments that Ciel will be in the music hall for some time yet; having already anticipated that, he says that he has smoked salmon ready in the carriage and requests that the cat stays with him for a little while. Amused, "Ciel" declares that the head of the Phantomhive house, Ciel Phantomhive, is actually he.

[45] As Sebastian prepares some, they gather information on the murders performed by an unidentified serial killer, labeled Jack the Ripper by police and other prostitutes.

[89] They work on assimilating with the rest of the members while waiting for an opportunity to investigate further. As a result, she faints. In the Book of Circus season is Ciel a demon? Therefore, they attack the living; however, they can't make another soul theirs. When Sebastian returns, he explains everything to an irritated Ciel. When Ciel regains consciousness, Sebastian reaches his hand out to Ciel when Ciel unexpectedly knocks it away. [477] Sebastian takes notice of Ciel's silence and exchanges taunts with Blavat, who asserts that he knows Sebastian is "different." As a result, Lau implies that they might be performing illegal human experiments. After the tooth removal, Ciel threw an angry fit at Sebastian. [213] Undertaker then attacks the pillars holding up Ciel; however, Sebastian rescues him, but then Undertaker captures Ciel. Sebastian says that he will convey the message to Ciel. D&D Beyond He was then given the name "Sebastian" by Ciel, which used to be his dog's name, for the duration of his duties as Ciel's butler. [436], On Halloween, Sebastian welcomes Ciel home, shows him the extravagantly decorated garden, and has him change into a costume. When Edward asks how to be "a little naughty and aggressive," Sebastian, on Ciel's command, demonstrates it on Edward by cornering him against the wall, stroking his chin, and dropping a suggestive comment.

[408], After some time, Sebastian, who is outside the music hall playing with a cat, suddenly realizes that he can barely sense Ciel, and wonders whether he is asleep. The most popular color? The water throws Ciel and Elizabeth out into the hallway where Ciel's leg becomes injured as the fight within the room continues while Elizabeth has been surrounded a group of corpses.

To enter the meeting, Sebastian explains that each member must purchase purified water which costs thirty pounds at the front door to fill his or her empty glass. Ciel says they should win for Red House as well. Sieglinde discloses that Queen Victoria supplied the items and that she, Grey, and Phipps visit from time to time with cake. [472], Othello hides behind Grelle as the latter launches into battle with Undertaker.

[192] When Sebastian finishes, Ciel notes his gloves are dirty with blood, so Sebastian changes them before helping the three down from their hiding place.

Amongst the confusion that follows, Sebastian reveals that the “werewolves” are people in costumes. After Sebastian reads it, he is shocked, but he sends John off with a response at once.

They spot Blavat among the crowd, and Ciel greets him. [85] Due to his skill in evading the attacks, he impresses Joker and receives an invitation to join the circus. [233] After planning a strategy with his master, Sebastian collects the tiny pieces of the flower cards which Maurice used to communicate with his entourage. He has now concluded that Gregory Violet will have the most information about Derrick Arden; he just has to figure out a way to get close to him. As a result, he has been apparently starving, but he declared that the "dinner" will be much better the hungrier he is.

When Edward questions this, Sebastian explains that literacy in the lower classes of England is still very low, and thus, word of mouth is the most effective method to spread information; furthermore, the best way of making something stick with people by word of mouth is through a song, for words put in a repeating rhythm are much easier to remember than those spoken, which is why hymns and folk songs are used to convey religious teachings and moral lessons. As per Clayton's request, Sebastian returns his glasses to him, while reminding him to remove them before going on stage in the future.
[324], Sebastian, Snake, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Tanaka discuss how they can help Ciel. Ciel then directs his attention to Undertaker, questioning him about his motives. After that, Angelina arranged for a carriage to bring them to the ruins of Phantomhive Manor.

He visits Joanne first, explains to him the circumstances regarding Edgar, Herman, Lawrence, and Gregory, and asks him to join the Phantom Five; Joanne agrees, since Sebastian helped him in the past.

Professor Michaelis shocks all the students by bringing Soma's elephant to help put out the fire.

Undertaker parries Sebastian's question on his relationship with the Phantomhives. He tells them to look for Tanaka while he gives Ciel his afternoon tea. [188] A quick exchange of words between Ronald and Sebastian takes place, where Ronald reveals he's investigating reports of corpses that move on their own after their souls have been collected. When Ciel says that he will not stay in the "cave" forever and Sebastian agrees that the den is unsuitable for an earl, Lau admits that he would also like for Ciel to regain his title, or else his business might suffer. Ciel smiles and states that as long as Edward thinks like that, he is still normal, adding "unlike himself" under his breath. They enter the house, and are astonished to find blood and rubble. Ciel replies that he's welcome to stay, but Soma responds that he learned everything they are teaching when he was a young child. Sebastian is, then, forced to break open the door, where he discovers Soma sobbing. Sebastian Michaelis When Ciel insists that they increase their marketability, Sebastian, in a menacing fashion, maintains that he will train them thoroughly, to the Phantom Five's discomfort.

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