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His name defines an entire age of American history – ‘The Age of Jackson’ – and ‘Jacksonian democracy’ is a term still used today to describe a sort of libertarian egalitarianism or populist Jeffersonianism. Ivy Tech Community College Settlers and speculators squatted on the Indians’ legally protected land, counterfeiting titles and expelling the rightful inhabitants. Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States and was one of the most controversial presidents ever. Classically educated, deeply religious, and preparing for a career in medicine when his country was invaded, he reluctantly became a fierce warrior. Andrew Jackson’s, McQuade How should Americans, then, and especially American Southerners, view Andrew Jackson? He wasn’t a “high class” person or had all the same credentials, but he became a war hero thus lifting him to his presidency. The fiddler is a figure of the traditionalist southern-agrarian artist. Yet so was the sainted President Abraham Lincoln, who ordered the largest mass-execution of Indians in American history (Sioux braves hanged for resisting corrupt federal agents and raiding American settlers). He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the Military Order of the Stars and Bars, as well as the author of From Founding Fathers to Fire-Eaters: The Constitutional Doctrine of States' Rights in the Old South. It is a painful sight. We speak to the representatives of a Christian country; the friends of justice; the patrons of the oppressed; and our hopes revive, and our prospects brighten, as we indulge the thought. Those who celebrate when controversial issues go their way should be warned that unchecked, uncontroulled, consolidated power can just as easily go against them as for them. Their mother got them released, but his brother died on the long trip home. Born to hardy Scotch-Irish stock in the Waxhaws, a backcountry region in the then-disputed border between the Carolinas, the boy Jackson became a man in the brutal guerrilla warfare between the British, the Tories, and the Patriots. In the act before me there seems to be a wide and unnecessary departure from these just principles. Andrew Jackson helped to provide for a strong protection of popular democracy and individual liberty to the United States. Its evils exist only in its abuses. He didn’t care about other people’s opinion. ‘To coerce the States is one of the maddest projects ever devised,’ remarked Hamilton. As with the ‘Bank War’ (either the Second Bank of the United States or no national bank!) The agricultural, commercial South, where tariffs on imported manufactures fell hardest, was outraged. Purging history and insulting long-dead historical figures is a petulant and cowardly indulgence (for a good laugh, imagine one of these shrill, stupid, and spineless college-campus communists explaining to Andrew Jackson why he has become politically incorrect – they would learn a whole new meaning of the term ‘trigger warning’). From 1815 to 1820, Jackson negotiated a series of treaties with the Creek, Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw which acquired a fifth of Georgia, half of Mississippi, and most of Alabama for the United States. In 1828, Andrew Jackson defeated Quincy Adams for the presidency. Andrew Jackson: Hero or Villian Essay 519 Words | 3 Pages. ‘No, sir; I know what I am fit for. I told them I believed it was a wicked, unjust measure, and that I should go against it, let the cost to myself be what it might. Indeed, the Union had been built on compromise: it was compromise between the States – large versus small, Northern versus Southern, etc. This mass-emigration became known among the Cherokee as ‘The Trail Where We Cried,’ or the Trail of Tears. During the Creek War, when his troops decided to desert, Jackson rode out in front of them and threatened, ‘I’ll shoot dead the first man who makes a move to leave!’ Jackson was to employ the same tactics against South Carolina, treating a member of a federal republic with fair grievances like he would an insubordinate soldier under his command. The Indians abandoned hunting and foraging for agriculture and manufacturing, established schools and churches, built roads and bridges, published newspapers, formed constitutions and bills of rights, dressed in American-style clothing, and intermarried with Americans.

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