physically strongest marvel characters

The Hulk is able to throw a singular punch with such a force, ferocity, and speed that he can destroy an entire planet by punching someone standing on it (Incredible Hulks #634), shatter the reality of an entire dimension, or even punch through time (Incredible Hulk #135). We can’t forget to include the Grandmaster in the top 20 most powerful Marvel characters. Grandmaster. (New X-Men #39). Few can overcome the might of the Prince of Power.

And i didnt even mention deadpool, who Killed the entire marvel universe by himself. While Guardians of the Galaxy never pitched Gamora as a character known for her super strength, her actions in both Guardians movies indicate that her power level is greater than many people realize. Initially created by Tony Stark as a form of global protection from potential extraterrestrial threats, Ultron soon turned on his creator -- and humanity as a whole -- hoping to rid the planet of humans altogether. Gladiator (kallark) Threw Juggernaut out to space and if memory serves Juggernaut and Hulk went toe to toe but hulk killed Thor Hmmmm me thinks this is fun but pointless best to find feats of strength and not rely on character name etc, Deadpool killing the universe isn’t canon buddy, and everyone else you mentioned are the upper tiers of marvel this list was based on brute strength not overall power of abilities.

Considering the Hulk is always flexing and screaming, that makes him pretty much invincible. For example, when Darwin was fighting the Hulk, rather than adapting to grant him the ability to deliver thunderous, Randy Savage-esque elbow drops from the heavens, his body adapted the ability to teleport and transported him away from the fight. While Marvel’s Netflix characters haven’t been afforded much interplay with the larger Marvel Universe thanks to the somewhat insular nature of shows like Luke Cage, the sheer physical strength of Luke is clearly amongst the highest in the MCU despite his street-level status and not being involved in the larger picture.

In his first appearance as Black Panther, T’Challa even managed to tackle the combined efforts of Captain America and the Winter Soldier, with the character handily besting Bucky in hand-to-hand combat several times over the course of Captain America: Civil War.

(X-Men #135), As you’d expect for a man whose secondary title is “The God of Strength” there’s very little Thor’s arms can’t accomplish.

Swatting aside the likes of War Machine and Spider-Man during the battle, Scott also manages to tear the wing off an airplane before launching it at a taken-aback Iron Man.

He is a pretty level headed guy and not in the superhero game as much as the others so the feats don't roll in with him like they use to. Shown to be capable of breaking through Groot’s vines without issue during their first skirmish, Gamora also wielded a gigantic cannon with ease in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2.

In situations when Darwin needs to suplex cars and punt cinderblocks into orbit, his body can similarly adapt to grant him superhuman strength, the limits of which are unknown. That said, here are 10 of those characters, in no particular order, to demonstrate how silly comics can get when writers and artists consistently have to one up each other in demonstrating how hard a given hero can punch something.

The ability is so powerful that Abidemi has his entire body coated in vibranium tattoos, a substance that is virtually indestructible and can absorb an almost infinite amount of energy, to stop himself from become too buff and killing himself. Even if he doesn't have many showings of late,Simon Williams is easily one of the strongest avengers to date. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #2). We know that there are technically stronger, more powerful beings in the Marvel universe, but how many of them can shatter arrows with their eyeballs?

Then she went on to tear apart a crashed ship to save Nebula.

Brainwashed and given a powerful bionic arm, the Winter Soldier was kept on ice for decades, only thawed out to perform various bloody hits on enemies of the organization, including Tony Stark’s parents. So without further delay, here are 20 of the MCU’s brawniest characters, ranked from weakest to strongest. Gifted with a limitless capacity for destruction, creation, and ass-whupping, the Phoenix Force can blink entire universes out of existence, defy physics, and manipulate matter on an infinite scale. Hit him with an axe and his body will turn into diamond with tiny middle fingers etched onto it. Like the Hercules of ancient myth, Marvel’s Hercules has been punch-murdering giant monsters since his first birthday (that’s not hyperbole, Hercules strangled a snake to death when he was still in his crib and the statues of it look amazing) and his godly physique is advanced enough to give him the strength to lift entire cities.

Able to perform the typical kind of tasks associated with super-strength such as punching through brick walls and crushing steel, there’s no denying that Luke’s impenetrable skin also boosts his power, allowing him to maximize the potential of his strength without inflicting physical harm upon himself. I’m going to exclude cosmic being, and Galactus, because by your definition TOAA (The One Above All) would be the most powerful since his base, by definition, is the most powerful. In fact, Luke is so absurdly strong that the shows frequently use this to comical effect, having Luke knock out a whole host of criminals and henchmen with a mere tap. There is no surprise here. As well as murdering Frigga, Kurse would also go on to (seemingly) kill Loki, with Thor unable to stop him.

In the Marvel universe there’s something called the “strength scale”, against which all heroes are measured and ranked in terms of their “raw physical strength.” At the upper end of this scale there are over a hundred heroes who supposedly possess an “incalculable” level of power. Nevertheless, Ultron’s strength was ultimately no match for the Hulk, who punched him into the horizon with a single strike not once, but twice during the movie’s climax. Because apparently a person with limitless strength needs something like that. Top 10 Shockingly Rich Celebrities & Their Net Worth, 10 Awesome Greek Gods You’ve Never Heard Of, What are the Best & Most Famous Palindromes. He’s the Hulk! He is 9 times out of 10 holding back but when he cuts loose their is nearly nothing he couldn't do with his strength.

(Godzilla #3) Hercules has also been seen filling in for Atlas by holding up all of existence on his broad, rippling shoulders like it ain’t no thing, so that Atlas could go steal some apples.

His big heart and further mutation has allowed him to solidify his place among the strongest beings on the planet.

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