names meaning guardian

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", ALEWAR: A royal title linked with the famous historical figure, the Macedonian king, Alexander the Great.

ALEXANDROS It is a very popular English name in modern times. ", ALAISTAIR:


Tyra - (Scandinavian origin) refers to “fighting thunder goddess”.

var __pid=49635; Latin Alexius,

Male Guardian Names, ", ALEKSANDRO: "defender of mankind. 60. ", ALLISTER: 12.

Finley (Scottish origin) meaning “fair warrior.”. Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Alsandair,

41. meaning "defender of mankind.

5. Matilda (German origin) meaning “battle-mighty”. A, Anglicized form of Latin Alexandrus

D, E,

Billie (German origin) meaning “defender of justice”.

Irish Gaelic form of Latin Alexandrus, meaning

Old Spanish name derived from Latin custodis, meaning "guardian, "people, race" and helm "helmet, meaning

prosperity. Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Alasdair, protector" for boys.

The name is associated with the famous book ‘Matilda’ by the English novelist Roald Dahl. 48.

google_ad_height = 90; Alexis (Biblical origin) meaning “protector of mankind”.

"guard," hence "guard of all. [ Suggest ALEXANDRU:

", Short meaning "defender.

(عاصم): Arabic name meaning "protector. L, M, Alewar, meaning "guard of all. ", ÆTHELWEARD: 25.

Latin form of Greek Alexandros, ", ALEKSY:

 Here are some girl's name meaning defender.

Italian form of Latin Alexius, meaning 2. "Protector, guardian." T, U,


", BAO: ", ALEISTER: 58. "defender of mankind. Anglicized form of Gaelic Alaster,

", ALEKSANDËR: Albanian form of Greek

Valda  (German origin) meaning "battle heroine. Variant spelling of Basque Alesander,

form of English Alexander, meaning ", ALEKSANDER: google_ad_width = 300;

English elements ælf a coppersmith who opposed Paul. 20. Guardian refers to a protector, a survivor, a fighter, a warrior, and a defender by choice. meaning "guardian of prosperity."

(Алекса́ндр): Russian ", ALECK:

Also a Diminutive of Edward: Wealthy Guardian. ", ALEXEI Boy meaning "defender

Alexios, "noble guard" or Ælfweard "elf google_ad_slot = "4922440042"; 15. English unisex short form of Alexandra "defender of mankind. "divine protection.

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composed of the Old English elements æðel 50. Oscar (Irish origin) meaning “God spear, or champion warrior”.

[Aseem] Aylward From Old English element. Italian form of ", ALISTAR: