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It was said that the purity of the maidens’ hair would make the rope unbreakable. As the dragon terrified local villagers, a brave knight named Peter Loschy decided to kill the beast once and for all. De Somerville placed burning peat on top of the wheel. Luideag SELKIE: Shape-shifting sea-fairies usually in the form of bright-eyed seals. Oh, that cave would be most perfect for a dragon. Slaugh They are said to inhabit ruined castles. Riding north, de Somerville noticed that the dragon frequently consumed everything that stood in its way. Finn is supposed to have been the father of Ossian, traditional bard of the Gaels. Visually, from artwork and paintings, one may assume that they are adorable. BODACH; This is the Gaelic word for an old man. They lived in clans in underwater caves and were blamed for shipwrecks. Cailleach Bheur He can take many disguises including an old man in a black suit but whatever disguise he takes, he’s always giving himself away because of his cloven feet which cannot be shod. Alasdair, Thank You Angelica.. Thanks Valerie …. Realizing that the wyvern must be killed to save the realm, a knight named Sir John Conyers visited a church and offered up the life of his only son to God in preparation for the battle. Known for its natural acoustics, the origins of its name are unknown. The baby name inspiration ranges from traditional Celtic, Gaelic and Old English to influences from neighboring countries, Italy, France, and Norway. Some historians have suggested that the Sockburn worm represents a marauding Danish warrior while others see Conyers as a Norman knight who helped to legitimize Anglo-French rule in the northeast. Janet Douglas: Witch, Poisoner or the Grey Lady of Glamis? These malevolent shape-shifting creatures often appear in legends as strong and beautiful black horses which live in the deep pools of rivers and streams in Scotland. ( Log Out /  Powries Three different versions of the legend record three different heroes. Joint Eater Several of Meehan's books about Celtic Designs grace my cluttered bookshelf, but this is the one for a study of Celtic dragons . Squalid in appearance as she was evil, the luideag haunted several pools on the Isle of Skye, especially the Lochan of the Black Trout. Shape shifters are a modern day paranormal storyline and several authors have used dragon lore to create stories to entertain us all. Back in the 1950s, the Gorbals area of Glasgow was being terrorised. The mythical kelpie is the Scots name given to a supernatural water horse that was said to haunt Scotland's lochs and lonely rivers. BEAN NIGHE: The bean nighe (pronounced “ben-neeyah”) or washer woman, can be seen at the side of desolate streams and pools washing the blood-stained clothing of those who are about to meet a violent death. After being defeated in battle in 1306 by the Earl of Pembroke at Methven, Robert the Bruce went into hiding, supposedly in the Western Isles. A name given to a group of very dangerous spirits from the highlands. The creature was known to drag women and children under the water and devour them. Ghillie Dhu Gille Dubh Tales once abounded of a man who found a beautiful female selkie sunbathing on a beach, stole her skin and forced her to become his wife and bear his children. Yes, Nessie is clas… When she failed to return, he sent his second oldest daughter, and so on and so on. As such, it means dragon. The Sockburn worm used its ability to fly and its poisonous breath to wreak havoc all across the Sockburn Peninsula. This later tale is interesting because it may highlight an interpretation of the Bignor Hill dragon as some sort of holdout from the Roman occupation of Britain, which introduced the Roman religion on the island. Upon licking his master’s face, the faithful dog ingested the poison and died. From before the dawn of history, the early ancestors of the people we now know as the Scots, built impressive monuments which have caught the imagination of those who have followed in their wake. As big as a dog, the cait sith was completely black apart from one white spot on its breast. Set in the Herefordshire village of Mordiford, the story concerns a young girl named Maud who finds a baby wyvern while out walking one morning. A sea spirit from the Isle of Lewis. They were known as the unforgiven dead. Just finished reading Dragon's Curse. Although the origins of the Bignor Hill dragon are unknown, Sussex is awash in dragon tales, making it a treasure trove of dragon folklore. His work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Weekly Standard, Listverse, Metal Injection, and others. Although the caves are now long gone, on summer nights, passers-by have heard the distant sound of bagpipes coming from deep under the ground. They are said to come on land in human form where they would dance, especially on full moon nights. He wore brown clothes, and had a shock of red frizzy hair and wild eyes. It is thought that this might be another manifestation of the Cailleach or Carlin. She always wore green and had webbed feet. The kelpie would appear to its victims as a lost dark grey or white pony but could be identified by its constantly dripping mane. He wore brown clothes and had a shock of frizzy red hair and wild looking eyes. There are many supernatural creatures to be found in Scottish/Gaelic  folklore, Scotland has a rich Culture  going back over 2,000 years.Scottish mythology has emerged throughout our history, stories were then passed on by word of mouth sometimes being elaborated upon by successive generations. Slàinte mhòr agad! Gruagachs Its’ howls could be heard in throughout the night. Alasdair. ( Log Out /  It is small wonder that our dragons were not flying, fire-breathing creatures but fierce sea serpents such as Orkney’s Stoorworm, borrowed from Viking legend. If you love games that involve Dungeons & Dragons, then you may be familiar with these mystical creatures. The Laird harnessed the strength of the horse-form Kelpie by using halter stamped with the sign of a cross. The image of the dragon is an integral part of Welsh identity. A hero did not appear until a knight named Sir Guy, Earl of Warwick accepted the task of killing the dragon. When the first queen died, the king took a malicious witch as his bride. They often intermarried with mortals. Scotland is a country in the northern parts of the United Kingdom with a population of about 5.5 million people. A Shetland sea monster with many eyes, probably a misidentified fish or sea creature. They are thought to be the folk memory of foundation sacrifices. Robert the Bruce was inspired by the spider’s efforts, so decided to get up and face another fight. Scottish Names Brave, heroic, reckless—well, you may not want that last quality for your baby, but from William Wallace ( Braveheart ) to Alexander Graham Bell, Sean Connery, and Kelly Macdonald, Scotland has given us plenty of brave, creative, and inventive names to choose from. The  Otter King was supposedly white with black-rimmed ears and a black cross on his back, or could be pure black with a spot of white on his belly. The Gulf of Corryvreckan (from the Gaelic ‘Coire Bhreacain’ meaning "cauldron of the speckled seas" or "cauldron of the plaid"), also called the Strait of Corryvreckan, is a narrow strait between the islands of Jura and Scarba, off the west coast of mainland Scotland. Not much is known about the Bignor Hill dragon. ( Log Out /  The notion that the dragon is of Celtic origin likewise points to a Christian demonization of pagan practices. The Corryvreckan is the third largest whirlpool in the world. A banshee like spirit attached to the clans of the Highlands, who could be heard wailing at the bottom of waterfalls before there is death or catastrophe within the clan. Assipattle, the youngest son of a local farmer, defeated the creature; as it died its teeth fell out to become the islands of Orkney, Shetland and the Faroes, and its body became Iceland. BROWNIES: Small, shaggy, brown man who wears tattered clothes and works as a ‘house faerie’ or domestic servant. A highland water demon which inhabited Loch Na Fideil near Gairloch. A creature of the night. It would usually appears as a fine horse, anybody trying to mount it would become attached to its adhesive skin. In 2003, the BBC sponsored a search of the loch using 600 sonar beams and satellite tracking. Loireag DUNTERS A Red Cap or Redcap, also known as a powrie or dunter, is a type of malevolent murderous dwarf, goblin, elf or fairy found in the Scottish Borders. Maybe you’re writing Game Of Thrones fan fiction. However, even Maud cannot get the wyvern to stop its killing spree. They were always malevolent and sometimes thought to be fallen angels. Booman A fearsome spirit who haunted the old border castles, he was wiry and small, with Iron claws and a red bonnet. YES ..And many stories are related to them . Your book sounds really good. I'm open to the idea of some pre-historic creatures that have survived. Sometimes she was seen in opposition to Brìde the Goddess of spring. This answers the question, what is the most famous dragon? Female water spirits who drag people down into the depths. She also guarded animals in winter. Similar to the Red Cap these creatures haunted the old fortresses of the Borders. (Great health to you!) Cait Sith A shape shifting Scottish Fairy, who could take the form of a pony or an old man or woman. The following categorization lists several dragon names that are either neutral, male or female with their variants. A very dangerous female vampire who haunted the highland regions. With the monster asleep, Lludd captures the dragon and imprisons it in Dinas Emrys, a wooden hillock in Wales. Mushu, who is the funniest dragon ever to be created. Mae dragons were fierce, fire-breathing creatures were no-nonsense creatures. I'm fond of dragons, myself. Travellers would often be found mutilated by the creature. In the 19th century, The Gentleman’s Magazine recorded that the local inhabitants of Bignor Hill, an area in Sussex dotted with Roman roads, believed that an ancient Celtic dragon lived on top of a nearby hill. It wore clothes of moss and lichen and had black hair. Loschy and his dog managed to dismember the dragon so thoroughly that it could not regenerate.

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