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PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THIS ON ANY SITE OTHER THAN MCPEDL! Can you add audio to the zombie if update it? I hope so. They are in a mutant creatures add-on but they are not good like this is. Hello there! This should bring you to the media fire download page. Thanks for advice! Could you provide more info on this? And lots of bugs to still fix and missing animation Alright so, I keep trying to get the add on but whenever it says “Wait 5 seconds” it brings me to a whole new website every time and doesn’t allow me to download the add-on. Thus, the zombie’s geometry, texture, and animations are not completely accurate. Can you add all the mutant creatures and their abilities from the mod. Note: I did not post this to any site other than mcpedl. He has different types of attacks and is aggressive towards players, villagers, and iron golems. In the future, you will be able to do a hulk smash type of attack to flatten any nasties around you! I am on version 1.12 but the mutant zombie is invisible. It will make quick work of both the village and its residents, If you do manage to defeat the zombie in combat, he will collapse for around 6 seconds. (it spawns when you hold the hulk hammer), Can you next updaye is mutant skeleton because his cool skill. This add-on adds the Mutant Zombie Boss which is largely BASED ON the zombie from the PC Mod Mutant Creatures. This addon is amazing! Thank you for your feedback. Hello, me and my friend are making a addon, do we have permission to use this addon for ours? The pc one ad air smash attack and remove I got some add-ons but I can’t get a mutant zombie and a mutant creeper like needed. Hello devdrone. )): Guys im tired to wait the full mutant modof this kid we gonna have full addon in 2022 He will then catch on fire and die after a few seconds: Defeating the mutant zombie is painstaking, and thus you are awarded with a great weapon: The Hulk Hammer. The Mutant Zombie is a beefed up version of the normal zombie. Nobody else would like it I have to say that this mod was one of my favourite and now I can’t download it anymore , To get past adfly, skip the ad, click the link and download the file That mobs don’t attack me I can’t ride animals Tell us what AI Features Excite you the Most, Win a... OPPO Find X2 Pro Display Review: Hardware Excellence. Note: The Mutant Enderman won the poll, so I will adding him as the next mutant very soon! Please I really wanna download it! Click on skip ad and if it redirects you to a non mediafire page, go back to the skip ad page and click it again. The arms glitch is an error with this version of the Addon. (Gaster Update!) Thanks for reporting this error! He changed it to look like it . 4 when you flnish the mutant zombies, add new mutants, You can create addon mutant enderman, addon you create it very good. ENDERMAN PLSSSSSSS, You said mutant enderman is next? I tested them and they all worked, Bro it keep giving me a vpn ad and won’t let me skip, Add all the Mutant Creatures WITH a boss bar, It was glitching out and displaying the zombie as “Unknown”, How do I download this Addon I’ve literally been trying to download it for over 3 days and every time I click the link after like a second of waiting for the ad to skip it sends me to another website please fix this, Click outside of the website it sends you to. MCPEDL is the one and only site that should provide access to this addon. This is not a port of the original PC Mod. Where’s mutant enderman, To get past wait 5 seconds, skip the ad, use the link and download the file, Noooo why pls why u removed the media fire link it Great addon but he destroying everything and i dont want to turn off mob griefing becase when i do this creepers dont gona destroy anythig and game gona be too easy. Also it says it needs an independencety id or something, what do i do? Thank u I can’t wait to try it out. (This varies depending on your device; install as you would any other mod), Hey Guys! | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons, Ben 10 Add-on | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons, Nether Plus Addon | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons, Expansive Fantasy (Dragon Addon) | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons, Vanilla Deluxe: Java UI | Minecraft PE Texture Packs, Old Style Ferry Add-on | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons, SCP Foundation Add-on (1.12+) | Minecraft PE Mods & Addons, RGB / Rainbow Hotbar (Texture Pack) [32x], Hardcore Hearts + | Minecraft PE Texture Packs, Cave Update Add-on V2 (1.14.1+) [New STRUCTURES, more biomes and mobs!]. This is as of August 22, 2019 It always takes me to a site that closes and never gives me the link? The addon is perfect good job I would like to give thanks to thehippomaster21 for the zombie’s inspiration. When the mutant enderman gonna come out pls I’m waiting years for having it. when i press skip add after the five seconds it brings me to another page which is also a add and i cant skip that one, can u write the link directly to the mediafire download page for the behavior and resourse pack? Thanks you for the positive feedback. if you do have the resource pack and it is running on your world then you have to move it up the list, packs apply bottom to top so if you have a texture pack that has data for certain mobs it will be shown based on where it is. I’ll try to increase the range and see how this affects the problem. This add-on adds the Mutant Zombie Boss which is BASED ON the zombie from the PC Mod Mutant Creatures. Click on the links, and then click “Skip Add”. It’s invisible I can’t find it the spawn egg is pitch black I put on experimental gameplay it did that and I took it off it was still the same FIX THIS!!!! <3. I also plan on creating more mutant creatures after I refine the zombie, Really love this addon as it’s probably one of the most realistic looking boss in Bedrock Edition, nice animation, maybe you can give the boss a name instead of “unknown” to Mutant Zombie. Can you update the animations of your mutant zombie please, Mod class but add this in future updates. Then, install it to Minecraft. Hey creator Ik how to make him come back to life, he is to weak there for when he dies he can’t come back to life, when he dies he does the fall over animation but actually dies what you need to do is give him resistance or regeneration and he will die and come back to life I found this out when I was messing around with this addon trying to make him fight 682 and made him stronger with commands, in doing so found out how to make him reanimate so I would make him more strong (not to strong other wise he will never die). Hmmm…. Then it should bring you to a media fire download page. Welcome to the world of Minecraft. I had to recreate the models and behaviors from scratch. The addon will add such mutants as Zombie & Husk, Creeper, Skeleton and Stray , Drowned Man, Wolf, Skeleton Pigman. Click download, and then open in Minecraft. And Finally, Every time I hold the hulk hammer,I hear footsteps! if you have an idea, let me know! The Mutant Enderman won the poll, so I will be creating an addon for it soon. Just wait for him to :). I have fixed it for the next release. Question is where is mutant enderman, Just click again and again with the skip ad I like it and devdrones other mod lucky block and its good except it gets laggy. I don’t know if this is a bug or not but it’s legs kinda look really weird they don’t sway they seem still like he is sliding on ice. Link to PC Mod:, Warning: Don’t let the Mutant Zombie break into your village! I have fixed it for the next update, Is works on Minecraft 1.13 but the problem is the arms of the mutant zombie are always hitting the ground if you can fix it I’ll give this addon a 5 star rating #firstcomment, Thanks for clarifying the addon’s compatibility. Select version for changelog: How come the mutant zombie and any other hostile mob doesnt attack me. Could you provide more info about that? There IS a way to ensure that the zombie stays down when he falls: set him on fire (when he is down). The horror mutant zombie received 150 points of health, the ability to throw opponents into the air and throw them to the ground, summon zombie helpers and even resurrect themselves. Also, I haven’t imported sounds yet, but I plan to soon. so it will be harder to defeating it than non-armored mutant zombie, working on updating animations! Please do more mutants and chemical x soon. Can create nuke-like explosions that will damage nearby enemies by radiation. for anyone looking to make videos on this addon: please credit me. You need to be more specific about the download, please use adfly or just send me the media fire link, it’s impossible to download….

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