how to contact a deity wicca

To offer something to a deity is to show and profess loyalty, gratitude and love. Then for others deity is a pantheon of different gods and goddesses, or perhaps even a single god or goddess who is part of a wider pantheon. 5. When to Use WhatOur Official Favorite T-Shirt: Wicked Witch UniversityPhallus-shaped mushroom can instantly trigger an intense female orgasm | MNN - Mother Nature NetworkPhoenix celebrates Pagan Pride Day - The Arizona RepublicPool of Creation RecipePossibly Locally Available Resins and Saps Used in WitchcraftPotion of VirilityPotions for Flu SeasonProtection PotionsProtections for Children and Teens In the CraftPsychic Jobs on Cruise Ships » All About Cruises by All About CruisesQueen Esther OilRefreshing, Reclaiming, Innovating, and Practical ApplicationSeed of Creation RecipeShi-shi Purification Incense RecipeSites Where Witches Can Get Jobs and GigsSpell Breaking Salts and SugarsSpiritual Counseling Course Accepting EnrollmentsStart With Cleansing and Protection: For Witchcraft BeginnersStrength PotionThe Alchemy Web SiteThe Amazing All-Purpose Pine Needle TeaThe Curse Collection : Sarah Anne LawlessThe Dangers of Cunningham's BooksThe Difference Between Cleansing and PurificationThe ExchangeThe Family Curse: What Modern Witches Need to KnowThe high-risk digital world of occult sales and psychic services | The Wild HuntThis is a Site for W I T C H E S.Undoing the Hard Work of Pagan PioneersUses For Witch Hazel | POPSUGAR Smart LivingVibrational Frequency of Essential OilsVisitor SurveyWhen Are You a Witch?Wishing Bubble PotionWitchcraft: A beginners Guide part 1.mp4 - YouTubeWitchy Haul the Second - YouTubeYour First Pantheon: Gatekeeper and Ancestors select>, a.wamocl{color:#FFF;font:bold 10px arial,sans-serif;text-decoration:none;}. Another resource that should be mentioned are blogs.
Your research can also provide guidance around this. I’ll be brief on this matter. Do a meditation with a few deities and see what happens. All of the books that I had available to me talked about the Goddess and the God.

Now all you need to do is accept it.

You need to align with them. Celebrating The Wheel of The Year is a good way to begin exploring the earth’s natural cycles and the divinity within these natural transitions. I remember back to when I first started practicing witchcraft.

Another brief but important thing I’d like to say is that finding a live teacher or guide is something you should strongly consider. This is simply one of the many pantheons that exist. What profound and yet simple words to give one a clear understanding of Deity. So use your best judgement when you are researching deities.

It doesn’t matter who the affair is with.

Deity as God or a single being can mean many things from the Christian God all the way to interpreting a pantheon of pagan deities as … Creating mindfulness and awareness of the magick or divinity of nature is a beautiful first step and an option at any point in your path for connecting with this aspect of the divine.

Having so many deities to work led me to question -  Who do I work with? thank u for ur time with all u do for these posts. This post explores how to connect with deity in your practice, but if you don’t feel a desire to work with deity that is completely okay too – let spirit be your guide. Try researching your ethnic history to find out if you feel a connection to the paganism of your ancestral lands.

Magick is something that can be deeply powerful even in its simplicity.

Then, you might call upon them to aid you or guide you as you move about your day, or in spellwork.

If you’d like to Read more…, Astrology and witchcraft are two explorations of spirituality that often go hand in hand. If you're ready to take that next step toward living a truly magickal and spiritual life and want to learn Wicca in a group of like-minded people with your own spiritual mentor then c, How To Improve Your Spell Crafting Through Accepting and Allowing, Free Download - How To Start Your Witchcraft Practice Masterclass, Mystery Witch School 101 Training Academy, Finding Your Inner Goddes vs Working With a Goddess, How To Talk and Connect With Your Spirit Guides, How To Do Automatic Writing for Wiccan Inner work, 3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Taking on Negative Energy, Lapis Dream Spell for Inner Wisdom and Guidance, How to End a Spell and Dispose of Any Remains. This process works regardless of whether you're a witch or a Wiccan. On a wider, cosmic scale, you are in a Universe in motion, and well, made of startdust. After reading the above article I’m overflowing with gratitude. A pantheon is generally rooted in ancient traditions of worship based on local cultures. How you honour a deity is going to entirely depend on the deity themselves. Ostara marks the Spring Equinox, Litha – the Summer Solstice, Mabon – the Autumn Equinox, and Yule – the Winter Solstice. A reverence for and respect of The Wheel of The Year is often embraced as a way to connect with this divinity. Answer: . Learn how your comment data is processed. In this post, we’ll be exploring simple everyday spell ideas that you can easily add into a witchy routine. As someone who was raised Catholic my initial understanding of deity, or at least the understanding that I was taught was that God was a single being – with a generally human form. Some say that it is because they don’t relate to specific deities in their group or former group’s main pantheon.

I know I need to go deeper and connect on a more personal level with deities.

It comes from a lack of guidance in the basics. Historically, the term pagan was often used to describe deities and spiritual practices which didn’t fit with the spread of Christianity. Don’t forget to pin the post above so that you can easily refer to it later .

Do you think they would feel the same if they understood that they owe their existence to fertility, and perhaps prayers to whatever deity for their safe passage into this world? Then for others, deity is a single being with or without corporal (person) imagery. Some even worse, did not go through this at all, but managed to fortunately find their connection despite skipping steps.

Western readers with more strict monotheistic or western style atheistic upbringings learn about deities from a safe distance. Many of these messages are symbolic in nature, rather than actual “Hey! Thank you Sheloya!!

So then, a pagan pantheon is really just a pantheon. Once you are in communication with your deities, connection will be much more difficult to ignore. Deity can mean a lot of different things to different people. This may be the way a deity is trying to communicate with you.

Between each of your fingers? The plants and/or animals you had for breakfast today are also “God”. Deity as God or a single being can mean many things from the Christian God all the way to interpreting a pantheon of pagan deities as different expressions of the same divine being. The folds of your brain? love your articles!

My Journey With Pagan Deities & Divine Nature Magick, What is Traditional Witchcraft? Your brief lessons are so easy to digest understand and INvision.

It's a heart connection, so follow the feeling in your heart centre. It’s in your breathing, eating, sleeping, working, walking…everything you do is expressing deity. Four of these celebrations are focused on the equinoxes and solstices.

2. Lately, there has been a wave of frustrated young Wiccans on the brink, and people who have left Wicca or other witchcraft friendly Pagan groups claiming that they do not connect to deity or deities. 4. Learning their mythos and legends can offer insight into what sort of offerings they appreciate, and what aspects they guide. Though the many deities from many traditions and cultures, as well as the found deities of the great writers and teachers are wonderful, they can be hard for many to feel their connection to. When Christianity spread to a new area, any deities that were previously worshiped there that weren’t Christian were often called pagan. Can my child be taken away from me because I had an affair with my uncle by marriage? Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment.

There is oodles of information online to get you started. It's a very simple process of research, meditation, and awareness. Whichever you choose is your business, but I recommend consulting with your deities once a month. Still, they can be a good place to get an idea of the thoughts of others in the pagan community on working with particular deities. Another issue where I see most western Pagan teachers dropping the ball is in dealing with the Ancestors. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Bone, Tarot, Love readings, and root work by Sheloya.

You must have some way of communicating with your gate keeper(s) and Ancestors directly. Now let’s take it up a notch to practical witchcraft. - Separation of Shikimic Acid from Pine NeedlesGuide to Pacific Northwest Incense : Sarah Anne LawlessHello world!Herbs and Ingredients Used in WitchcraftHow to Create a New GroupHow to Get Around in Witch UniversityHow to Make Drinking Potions: An Essential Skill For WitchesHow to Make Wax IncenseHow to Make Your Spellwork WorkHow to Spot a Terrible CovenI need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy (Part One)Infusion Oils Vs Essential Oils in Witchcraft - YouTubeMagick Books for BeginnersMesopotamian Witchcraft by Tzvi AbuschNew Promotion Fields Added to ProfilesOil, Potion, Powder, or Spray? Below is a list of 5 way to connect to the Wiccan Goddesses and Gods. The trick is understanding this and doing it mindfully. As an example, you might have a dream or vision in which you are approached by a human figure who has something different about them. Today, I hope that I have sent you in the right direction of experiencing your pantheon. blessed be! More than one young lady I’ve watched and heard on video have said that they don’t connect to fertility deities because they are not trying to have children at the moment, or because there are medical fertility treatments now.
Not even yourself. Well, to be clear, the problem isn’t so much Paganism as it is the way Paganism is approached in the west. Thank you for giving me a much deeper appreciation for the Deity in all of us. I also happened to think that he was a brother of the Gods in other religions. The video below explains how to find deities to work with and the process of connecting to them. A place to learn effective magick and mysticism.

Yes, you are “God” and need to connect with the deity in you, but everyone else around you is “God” too.

You need to know what the herbs and materials you are using do or can do. Can one really leave a reality once they truly experience it? Copyright © 2020 Sandra Inman. There is as much sacred in feeding a homeless person as there is in lighting a candle at your altar to a deity of generosity, and maybe more. and i have accepted my responsibility to recognize in gratitude the lessons demonstrations tests and knowledge sources provided when and as they come and that i must be willing to do the work necessary to honor Spirit and Ancestors and grow in this Life. This can give spirit a chance to send you messages about whether you are being called to work with a particular deity. This is easy when you see that your connection to deity is not just at your altar.

You’re, in fact, surrounded and submerged in, “God”. Once you’ve spent some time learning about a deity then it’s time to find out how you feel about working with them.

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