does arcee like jack

Jack found that Arcee subsequently had more respect for his ability to face danger. He sends the children home with their protectors and Jack is caught by his mother with Arcee in her vehicle mode, mistaking her for an ordinary motorcycle. Silas blew up the track ahead of the train, and for a few moments Jack and Miko thought they were doomed, but Optimus managed to stop the train in time. Though Arcee reminded Jack of the rules, Vince's disparaging of her vehicle mode caused her to reconsider, and Jack took up Vince's challenge. He spent a good deal of time with Arcee, with some implications of a bond that extended beyond simple friends. At the end of "Rebellion", while the Autobots are celebrating their victory over the Decepticons, if you look closely, Ultra Magnus pats Bulkhead on the back for a job well done. After Optimus was struck down with a Cybonic plague and Arcee and Bumblebee infiltrated the Decepticon ship, the three kids watched Ratchet monitor the pair's progress as Arcee patched Bumblebee into the comatose Megatron's mind to find the cure. He usually stays back at base, but he makes a pretty good showing against the Terrorcons. I figure that by this time, she's gotten used to Jack and cares for him as much as Arcee does. By the finale, it has all but vanished. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. As they flee, they are joined by Bumblebee, and they end up fighting the Vehicons in front of another human kid, Raf. Jack is compared to be a younger version of Optimus before he became a Prime. the Venom changes her, making her aggressive, nasty and ultimately join Megatron. They reached the base at the same time as Bulkhead and Bumblebee, however Optimus immediately left on a mission with Ratchet. With Arcee as his guardian and partner, his dream had become more than he had wished for. Until he met the Autobots, Jack was living a normal life in Jasper, Nevada where he worked at a "K.O Burger,"a local burger joint. Jack has similarities to Sam Witwicky in the three live action Transformer films produced by Michael Bay. That same impulsiveness showed him as more willing to try alternate methods of fighting, using the Phase Shifter until it later becomes his signature weapon. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. He has a very large role in "Deadlock" as well. Considering this decision not only saved Optimus' life (and, by extension, everybody else's), but also handed the Autobots one of their biggest victories ever, it's no wonder even Ratchet applauded this decision. They lost the 'Con, but Vince confronted them, drawing Knock Out's attention, and the bully was captured. In Crisscross Jack is revealed to actually be a pretty good pickpocket-er, as shown when he stole Silas's radio. When they found a downed spacecraft, Arcee began acting cagey and dropped him off a fair distance from the ship as she believed it wasn't safe for Jack and didn't explain why. Gender The original Cybertronian High Council now dissolved and the battle spreading far beyond their home, Optimus is forced to oppose the Decepticons wherever they take their tyranny. They were interrupted by a Decepticon, which led Jack to have to make a daring save to prevent Raf from being shot. Jack Darby is named after Alex Kurtzmen's son Jack and Jeff Kline's daughter Darby. I'll take one bum hand over one good eye any day! He is also generally responsible for the mechanical equipment and he built the ground bridge that allows instantaneous travel around the world, though he admits that he has his limitations in that field. They followed it to the next room to find Soundwave had locked the dishes on Cybertron. Usually grouchy, he is still a good 'Bot at heart and doesn't like to see anyone hurt. Jack was initially keen to come along, until he found out they were headed for the Arctic. Unfortunately Jack was wrong and some Decepticons immediately came to attack him. Surprising a lot of people, Smokescreen got an original mold in the US more accurate to his character model. After Ratchet was kidnapped by the Decepticons, Jack had a conversation with Fowler, in which Fowler surprised him by suggesting that he join Unit E when he was old enough. They returned to base to find Bulkhead had been critically injured on his mission and Ratchet was frantically working to stabilize him. Of course, just as he was winning, the power went out momentarily and stopped the game. He also tends to get plenty upset when someone brings up his inability to talk normally, such as when Smokescreen referenced his handicap when Ultra Magnus lost his hand. When Wheeljack turned out to be a Decepticon imposter, Jack wondered if there was a real Wheeljack, and was alarmed when the phony took Miko hostage. While talking to Sierra one day after school, Jack was challenged to a race by school bully Vince. is a reincarnated member of the Original Thirteen, specifically. 1. He is laid back, not really the exciting type, but he is still a valuable member of Team Prime. Like when Jack's rival calls his motorcycle (really Arcee in disguise) ugly and she rages out. It's all right, I'm an emergency vehicle! Bonus points for Bulkhead being there to see it. Thus for SG, she'd be quicker to befriend, but quickly realise she doesn't actually like them. The Decepticons minions, the Vehicons saw Jack and Raf associating with Arcee and Bumblebee, leading them to believe that the four of them are allies, which makes the humans by default the Decepticons' enemies.

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