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Thanks for the help. Maps, weapons, mission lists, how to beat difficult parts of a game's campaign, along with anything I might find interesting about the games I play. But today (after daily reset) I went and killed him first, went back to the key box for the key and there it was. This is a much larger section section of sewers and there are a few places where enemies can spawn in, so be on your guard. Most of these key boxes are tucked away along the side passages, so you want to check any door you approach or try to find any padlocks you destroy. More importantly I'm a husband and father. How to complete the assigned assignments of Episode 3 in The Division 2? Question. Dealing with this now. Agents. The problem is, under certain circumstances, if you get the key and lost connection to the Internet or logged out before using the key – you lost the key! How Can I More Easily Kill Enemies Near Smoke? It’s also worth keeping an eye out for doors with yellow bike locks on them – these rooms usually contain a lock box and a couple of loot stashes. Agents. So, of course I checked the key box hoping for an Outcast Key or whatever and was ecstatic when instead it dropped…. This ends up being on the corner of where New York Avenue NW meets Pennsylvania Avenue NW. There are a number of notable sewers near Roosevelt Island, West Potomac Park, and the Dark Zone where you're going to find key cabinets. More. I tried going to another area. There are four distinct factions in The Division 2 who have caches that you can reappropriate as part of your resistance efforts: the Hyenas, the Black Tusks, the True Sons, and the Outcasts. Then after returning and defeating the Cleaner heavy the key would not drop for you! I just got into the sewers in New York and the elite didn’t drop the storage utility key and the key box was already open when I got there. Hyena chests and sewer key chests. The sewers contain keys for each of the locked faction boxes scattered across DC. The next set of tunnels is south-east on the north side of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Maybe the real fix was that I returned on a different day or maybe even after some weekly timer had reset. The Division 2 build guide Hyena chests and sewer key chests. Throughout The Division 2, you’ll come across faction boxes that are locked and can only be opened with a faction-specific key. 1 year ago. Good luck, and drop a note back later if it helps or not. So normally you go into the sewer, enter one of the side rooms, go to the other side and run into a locked door with a window where you can see into the next room. Its being directed by the dude who did deadpool 2 so fingers crossed its decent. Hey José, check out my comment to Jani Turner above. You can find Division 2 weapon skins in drop boxes hanging from trees and buildings. 337k. Unfortunately, when you open these key boxes, they have a random chance for any of the faction keys. There are two underground sections in particular that together will drop well over ten keys. But why do you need to gain access to these loot chests? Just yesterday I ran into this key glitch again – it was one of many times I returned to the sewer in Warlords of New York’s Civic Center map area to try and get the key to open the door where the SHD Cache is located. Get hand-crafted email updates on new articles from my blog, my Youtube videos and any exciting gaming news. Most of these key … This keychain was a pre-order exclusive keychain. The Division 2 Exotic weapons 2. If you do the detention center classified mission you get a sewer key there. Directly north of the marker is an area that holds three key cabinets, one of which is also concealed in a room marked by a red light. There are a number of notable sewers near Roosevelt Island, West Potomac Park, and the Dark Zone where you're going to find key cabinets. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Checked that box you mentioned and bingo! You have to shoot one of those yellow electrical boxes through the window open the door. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Having the same problem and today the key box had a RIker’s Key, but I couldn’t open anything with it. I’m playing for the first time the Warlords of New York DLC and I can’t complete Civic Center because of this bug… Jordan Forward Not this time either. Might be useful. On top of that, there's a sewer to the west of the marker inside a cellar which will hold two key cabinets. There are Hyena keys for Hyena boxes, Outcast keys for Outcast boxes, True Sons keys for True Sons boxes, DZ keys for the locked chest at all DZ landmarks, and later Black Tusk keys for Black Tusk boxes. GHCS, Gamer Headquarters Creative Strategies is dedicated to all the stuff you search for when you have questions about video games. With a little bit of rummaging around, you should find a handful in no time. Don't expect emails more than monthly - I'm not going to jam up your Inbox. Posted by. If you open one that hasn't reset, you've just reset their reset counter. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Much like the Rikers, another returning faction, you can find a Cleaner’s key by opening a silver key box. If you're digging around the Roosevelt Island stronghold, just close to the Foggy Bottom area, then there's an entrance to a sewer which will hold three key cabinets for your thieving pleasure. Keychain #1 – Teddy Bear. By the time you reach endgame in The Division 2 you will probably have noticed a few rare stash boxes that require The Division 2 faction keys. The Division 2 Chatterbox unlock guide. Simple, faction stash boxes have the potential to drop parts for The Division 2 Exotics like the Liberty Deagle and Chatterbox P90. More post-apocalyptic D.C. guides: Cookies help us deliver our Services. The latest expansion, Warlords of New York, takes players back to the franchise’s original setting and places them back on the hunt for Agent Keener. Then go to the other end of the room and shoot the lock off, and go out in the sewer and around a corner where you run into a Cleaner Incinerator (heavy elite with flamethrower), defeat him and he’d drop the key. Low-salt Division 2 sub-reddit focused on informative posts and contributions to help improve the gameplay experience for those dedicated and enjoying the game. Oh wow. You'll see him pick up a sewer key. There's a degree of RNG when it comes to what faction keys are going to spawn in various locations, but by and large, there are a few specific places to find them that we detail in this Division 2 faction key guide. 337k. You sure you are at the right key box, or maybe you already got this SHD tech? If you’re knee-deep in The Division 2, chances are you’ve traversed the game’s sewers a few times. These hidden keys are scattered throughout the city. Division 2 Faction Key Guide: Sewer Keys These are probably the best locations for you to find the occasional Division 2 faction key. No key. Oh, and his job. If you want to farm for factions keys, you'll want to head underground. If you have, you might have noticed locked boxes/chests that require faction-specific keys. Each sewer tunnel holds a Faction key, but given how big the game’s levels are, … Sorry to necrobump but UGH this is so anticlimactic! They’re easy to spot without, but you won’t find yourself having to check every corner with this buff applied. Press J to jump to the feed. 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