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Memory acts as a capacity limitation, with more powerful Digimon taking up more memory. ABI: ABI maxes out at 100. HP: The amount of HP the Digimon has. The Field Guide shows the Digimon's model, can show attack and walking animations, like previous Story games, shows stats for any level between 1 and 99, with the default being level 1, shows the attacks each Digimon can learn, shows their Digivolution trees and has a profile for each Digimon in the game. Water: Strong against Fire, weak against Plant. The cyberspace became damaged consid… Cyberpunk 2077 just got delayed – yet again, Digimon Survive - new High Quality images and expanded character biographies for Miu Shinonome and Syakomon. [11], Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment DE (@BandaiNamcoDE). With Cyber Sleuth having 3D models instead of sprites this was tough, but they were able to achieve this goal thanks to the work of the developers, Media.Vision. Fire: Strong against Plant, weak against Water. As the focus of the Story series was to collect and train Digimon, it was felt that it was important to make sure Cyber Sleuth at least had the same amount of trainable Digimon as the original Digimon Story game, Digimon World DS. By using Farm Development kits, Aiba can add up to five Farm Goods, which when training boost stats of the Digimon in the farm. Despite knowing that continually Connect Jumping into Eater will take a toll on their body, Aiba does so anyway in the hopes of rescuing Suedou. The main page includes an overview of every single Digimon and their relevant stats like types, attributes, and stages. The group arrives to find King Drasil having been taken over completely by Eater into an entity called the Mother Eater; after defeating it, Aiba Connect Jumps in and extracts Yuugo, who refuses to be saved and reveals that, because he had been acting as a limiter on Eater's actions, without him as a central conscience it has no restraint to simply eat everything indiscriminately. 99 medals are from regular enemy drops across dungeons. Digivolve: Here, Aiba can digivolve or de-digivolve their Digimon. The 3 Digimon n the active party slots will be used in battle, though should Aiba have less than three Digimon, one/two will be used. However, we still list their in-game names here so you can find them easily. This Field Guide contains a plethora of information on all 341 Digimon available in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory and its Complete Edition. Aiba and their friends eventually manage to recruit most of the Royal Knights through various means; in the meantime, Arata partially merges with Eater and begins to rampage around town by "eating" data. With the help of Fei's TigerVespamon, they convince Yuuko that she's not alone and get her out, but Aiba is pulled into a digital void; there, they meet the real Yuugo Kamishiro, Yuuko's brother and a victim of Eater. The higher the SPD is compared to the other Digimon, the more turns the Digimon will get. Cyberpunk 2077 just got delayed – yet again, Digimon Survive - new High Quality images and expanded character biographies for Miu Shinonome and Syakomon. The Japanese version will release one day earlier, only for Nintendo Switch.[3]. Auto: The battle speeds up and the Digimon choose their attacks on their own. At Anime Expo 2015, a localized release was announced for 2016 through retail for the PlayStation 4 and digitally for the PlayStation Vita. Aiba can purchase patches in EDEN to change a Digimon's personality. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory, List of characters in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, https://gematsu.com/2017/03/digimon-story-cyber-sleuth-hackers-memory-first-details-video-screenshots, Switch『デジモンストーリー サイバースルゥース ハッカーズメモリー』10月17日発売決定!"デジモンゲーム"初のNintendo Switch版は2本の物語を収録, "Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition includes both Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory in one package. The game thereafter splits into three different simultaneous plotlines: Eventually, Yuugo mobilizes hackers around EDEN to attempt a large-scale hacking on Kamishiro Enterprises's high-security Valhalla Server for an unclear purpose. 300 are obtained from Gacha Machines. Please note, that several items had their names changed in order to make them more accessible and searchable. While Aiba is hanging out in a chatroom, a hacker infiltrates it and leaves a message telling the members within to log into Cyberspace EDEN, a popular physical-interaction cyberspace network, to receive a "wonderful present". Aiba meets them the next day as arranged in Kowloon, a hacker-infested area of EDEN, where they introduce themselves as Nokia Shiramine and Arata Sanada; shortly after, the three of them are given the "Digimon Capture" by the unknown hacker and locked into Kowloon. DEF: The damage of Psychical Attacks is based on how high the DEF stat of the defending Digimon is. Virus: Strong against Data and weak against and does half damage to Vaccine. Anfang 2018 geht's mit Hacker's Memory weiter, Siliconera: "Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’s Habu Kazumasa Talks About Its Influences and the Series’ Future", "エンタメ総合誌『エンタミクス』が1月号で、業界1000人と選んだ"掘り出しエンタRANKING 2015"を発表! Choosing the quicker options yields results faster but will lower the CAM stat. Although most of the room members declare it to be too suspicious to involve in, Aiba, along with users "Akkino" and "Blue Box" decide to look into it. Light: Strong against Dark, weak against Dark. Commands cannot be used during Auto mode. The localization retains the Japanese audio track and does not feature an English dub. Plant: Strong against Water, weak against Fire. 28 medals … The game features CG cutscenes made by Kamikazedouga. The Digimon on the farm can be fed various foods, all of which boost stats. This includes pre-order exclusive Digimon, which outside of Europe, could only be obtained by pre-ordering the game, or buying a new copy. Like previous Story games, battles are random encounters and allow fights against up to 3 Digimon. Aiba can set the Digimon to train which will increase stats, based on the ABI, farm goods and leader personality. In the process, Aiba and Yuuko discover from Makoto Yamashina, a former member of Kamishiro Enterprises, that eight years prior there had been an EDEN beta test eight years prior involving five children; one of them, Yuugo, had become the first EDEN Syndrome victim, while the other four had their memories of the incident wiped by Suedou and the incident was covered up. Nokia, during a moment of determination, accidentally causes WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to DNA Digivolve into Omnimon, but everything is quickly brought to a halt when Rie arrives and unleashes a large crowd of Eaters on the hackers, revealing that the entire setup was a trap to get Yuugo to accumulate Eater prey.

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