depth chart for wiley musky lures

I am a full time guide and spend most of the year on guiding for musky on Melton Hill, but also travel each summer exploring the waters of Canada and other unique musky destinations. This one only works with level-winders, but it’s simple and highly effective. 4 oz 30' back was lights out for us last year at LSC, Thanks for all your guys help! Chapter 23 Officers & Contacts Click Here, Alternatively, if you don’t mind varying your course make a slower turn. Through many years of conservation and angler education, not only the size but the number of muskies encountered has drastically increased. Rest assured, this little lure can get it done. I can’t say enough good things about this lure, for a full rundown on this sleeper lure click here. We hope that anglers find our private fishing platform the perfect tool to elevate their fishing experience. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. These smaller musky lures are getting a little harder to find on the used market, but keep a keen eye out for a flea market or yard sale tackle steal; you can land some killer musky lures for pennies on the dollar. But like all things musky fishing, you get back what you put in. 25' of line = 9' deep 30' = 10' 36' = 11' 42' = 12' 50' = 13' 110' = 18' Tuff Shad 8 inch Required fields are marked *. s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window,document,'script', The calculated lure depths that the app generates is based in equal parts on this real life testing and physics. Then clip a thermometer onto your rig. With so many lures flooding the market, it can be difficult to distinguish between which lures are worth the cash and which ones are better left on the shelves. But you can get pretty dang accurate, using these tricks. The Joe Bucher Glide Raider is one of those lures that got panned by critics from the start and subsequently never really took off with the masses. The Fuzzy Duzzit seems to have been forgotten by most musky … Wait a sec — short of putting a depth gauge on your umbrella rig, you’ll never know exactly dead-nuts-on how deep your rig is running at, right? Musky Lure #2: Shumway Fuzzy Duzzit. Scott Spiller. Your data, your spots. The second way to nail down depth is less risky but more labor-intensive, and it depends on their being a hard thermocline in the area which isn’t too terribly deep. Current Top Sellers. The logbook has evolved. If this is happening regularly you may want to drop the lures back but it now, temporarily getting the lures five or 10 feet deeper might be a good move. When compared to other glide baits on the market, the Glide Raider is considered “hard to use“, but that only applies if you try to fish it like other gliders. We take privacy seriously. The Fuzzy Duzzit seems to have been forgotten by most musky fishermen in recent years. My name is Steven Paul, I am the Tennessee Musky State Record holder. Well, that’s not necessarily true because sometimes the devil’s in the details. The Glide Raider is deadly on big musky. Now you know how much line is necessary to hit the depth of the thermocline with that rig at that speed (all other variables remaining equal – more on this later). Pro tip…. Under each lure selection, click "Choose Options" (instead of "Quick View") and scroll down to "Product Description" for information on possible running depth. 5-1/2" Musky Killer (JOINTED) The Reef Hawg’s unique cadence and subsurface walk the dog action should be a part of every musky hunter’s arsenal. Note the depth, and try to crank it in before it snags. Musky fishing and Suicks are simply synonymous. Tuff Shad 5 inch Running depths trolled @ 4.5 mph, with 65 lb super braid and a 3' 50 lb mono leader with your rod tip touching the water. Rip it, twitch it, or straight retrieve, it doesn’t matter just get it wet. First off, this bait is indestructible; it’s metal and hooks… simply a tank! Annapolis, MD 21403 Sometimes you’ll spot fish on the meter which are a bit deeper than your lures. Long before Phantoms, Hell Hounds and Shum Shums, the Reef Hawg was a go to in the glide bait department. Do so, and you’re bound to catch more of ‘em. Bucktails are just blades, wire, hooks and flash about right? Does that sound a little deeper than it should? We exist to empower anglers through measurement, learning, and collaboration using both data and technology. That’s critical data, if you want to kick some serious butt when you’re trolling. The Storm Thunder Beast isn’t sexy, it isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done. You might also realize that this is because we haven’t accounted for a number of outside influences yet. The key to using and this lure is making the proper tail adjustments to achieve your desired action and depth.

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