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In the world of DayZ, it’s the player you must fear the most. I was hoping something out there could assist me, but I didn't have much joy, so without further delay, let's begin! No matter the type of food, you’ll need a sharp object to either cut the can open or slice the chicken in quarters. It’s relatively easy for a new player to pass over the morphine injections after stumbling upon one in a hospital or clinic. Whatever you come across enemy wise, a good thing to do after every encounter is to heal. He is giving players a guide and you’re coming here talking about the price. First off, the Piano House, which has three doors and a piano on the first floor, usually has ammunition, guns, food, and clothing that spawn at random. Road flares. Short answer: houses and garages in the early stages of the game. Bandages. This is also the most common rifle to be found (7.62), The Skorpion is a sub-machine gun that is very useful in certain situations where numbers are concerned. If possible, fire from above or from behind low covers, such as a stone wall or picket fence. Upon spawning into the world of Chernarus, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. You could even punch them in the head and then go about your day. Sure, you could head up to the Northwest Airfield in the hopes of finding an automatic weapon, but you’re likely to be shot in the process. That’s how challenging the feature is to use right now. Thanks you so much for reading and maybe one day I'll make an advanced players guide. If you're looking for some DayZ tips or a survival guide now you're trying your luck on Xbox Game Pass, then we can help you out. With a recent update, zombies have now become a threat to the player. Here are a few DayZ tips gathered together in a handy survival guide to help you out. A melee weapon is an excellent tool, especially if you’re fighting zombies. If you can manage to kickstart your journey, find a bit of food and water, and maybe even a working firearm, you’re already in decent shape. These are: Teddy bear (1 slot) First aid kits (4 slots) Protector case (6 slots) Water proof bag (12 slots). You’ll either find something useful (like an M4), or you’ll discover absolutely dirt. You’ll begin this little adventure at a random spawn location – usually near the beach to the extreme south. There's also containers you can carry around with you but not wear like a backpack. It’s easy to get turned around in DayZ and, much like tales of real life people lost in the wilderness, it's easy to go around in circles. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Useful for leaving trails for your friends when dropped whilst lit. You can use either antibiotics or alcohol tinctures to clean the wounds. Either if there's 20 zombies chasing you or you have multiple players trying to hit you it can be a life saver. Before you approach any town, hamlet, or clearing in the game, you’ll want to stake out the area and perform a little reconnaissance. It’s an early-game weapon meant for self-defense, not offense. Sprinting is one of the worst things for draining your food levels so, as much as you want to, try to avoid that too much. If you decide to solo DayZ, then form a quasi-coalition with another player or two in-game, you’re going to have a bad time. But I'm a nice guy, so who cares? If you detect any movement, examine it for a moment, survey the surrounding area. I'm definitely sure there are more backpacks out there, but I've only encountered the Taloon backpack, mountain backpack, school backpack and dry bag. I believe the purpose of these containers is to protect your valuables, I haven't tried it but hypothetically you could hide your rare items in these containers and if you die you could come back and retrieve them. Combine the two to craft a fireplace kit. Your free to have your own survival strategies and if they work for you I'm glad, but this is here to hopefully assist people who have no idea what they're doing and trust me that was me at the start. These are used to repair various items. The disease mechanic, which is rather simple, has various stages (itchy wounds, infected wounds, severely infected, and recovery). Given how hard it is to stay alive when you can find stuff you might want to consider passing through the area and changing direction if you can't. The M4A1 is currently the most coveted weapon in the game and, as such, it is also the most difficult to acquire. DayZ is all about discovering what’s possible, so don’t expect this to be a walk-through or survival guide, you can read this without ruining the game experience for yourself.. 9 Survival Tips for New DayZ Players. This one goes without saying but try to avoid zombies at the start. These 15 tips should help you survive your adventures in Chernarus. NY 10036. Use a microphone, and use it often.Speak to people, you will not regret it. I completely understand your reasoning and yes it shouldn't be. They were literally scattered about the map in the most mundane of locations. I hope this guide assists some of the new players trying to get accustomed to the game and I also hope this has proved an invaluable source of information for all the new players. AK folding buttstock AK polymer buttstock AK wooden buttstock, M4 buttstock CQB M4 buttstock OE M4 buttstock MP, AK Handguard - Plastic AK Handguard - Rail AK Handguard - Wooden, M4 Handguard- MP M4 Handguard- Plastic M4 Handguard- RIS, PSO-1 Scope (AK only) ACOG Optics (M4 only) Hunting Scope (Mosin, IZH only), Suppressor- East (AK only) Suppressor- NATO (M4 only) Improvised Suppressor. You can then pull it quickly and blast away. Duct tape. It’s important to eat and drink during each stage, as you’re more susceptible to starvation and dehydration while your wounds are infected.

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