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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mulching the surface of your beds with cat repellent mulch can keep cats out all off-limit areas. If you found any of our plants that keep cats away useful, please share our ideas on plants that repel cats with others on Facebook and Pinterest. Do not over-fertilize these plants, as the excess nitrogen reduces the leaves’ fragrance. The good thing is you will get to enjoy that fragrant lavender aroma knowing it will keep any problem cats in your neighborhood away. If you are looking for an immediate solution to the problem of cats using your carefully cultivated lawn and flowerbeds as a litter tray, cat repellent plants may not be ideal, as they take time to grow and effort to maintain. In addition to planting plants that deter cats, use several of these methods for keeping cats out of plants and to help stop cats from digging up your yard or using it as their favorite place to poop. Curry herb plant (Helichrysum italicum) Cats don’t like curry. Because It is often planted alongside curry plant. Besides its name it comes with an additional bonus – it scares away dogs as well because of its offensive odor. Nonetheless, you should always be aware of toxic plants to cats in order to prevent any future issues in and around the home so you can keep your feline friends healthy and safe. When planting Rosemary, keep in mind that it prefers a dry and relatively warm climate, and it does not do well in soggy soil or cold temperatures. are probably wondering how this plant made the list of cat repellants when cats In addition Keep it potted in a good quality type of soil and don’t let the roots dry out. Receive the latest Home & Garden Tips by entering your email below: We respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously. Catnip, even just sprinkling crushed leaves in a sandbox or other parts of your yard, keeps your planters from being used as litter boxes. When used to keep cats out of your garden, it is best to plant them in a line. If you take care of them, geraniums could bloom They will keep pesky cats away from your landscaped yard and garden, and they are one of the top 10 plants that realtors suggest their seller’s plant in order to sell their homes faster. How to stop cats pooping in your garden – Everything explained. If you do not like a busy looking garden, consider spreading rose or thorn cuttings over any bare soil to deter cats. Scaredy cat plant, Lavender, curry plant and Lavender have proved the most popular but there are many other plants that may be effective. 5 – Curry Plant. Some of the best cat deterrent mulches are citrus peels, which includes grapefruit, lime, lemon, and orange. Helichrysum italicum, sometimes listed as H. angustifolium, is the herb commonly sold as a curry plant by well-meaning nurseries and garden centers. trying to deal with pesticides that could hurt cats and other animals that they Despite its impressive addition to your landscape it does have other benefits as it’s sent repels cats and other insects, and pests that are put off by the citrus scent of this plant. It can flourish in full sun or partial shade. The evergreen shrub thrives in well-drained, dry to medium moist soils. Lemongrass grows in tall, grassy clumps and reaches heights of up to five feet tall. Cat repelling plants share similar features. The shrub is poisonous if eaten so use caution when planting in garden beds around children. Most cats do not like water, so by strategically placing motion sensor sprinklers throughout your yard, you can stop them in their tracks and send them running in the other direction. When planting in gardens, offer the Curry Plant protection from wetness and wind. 7. Always move indoors before the first frost hits, or treat it as an annual. Whilst they will not harm cats, they do not like the smell, so they will encourage those neighbourhood cats to keep away from your garden and exercise their right to roam elsewhere. Lemongrass offers a full dramatic display of ornamental grass that will make your home look like it has been professionally landscaped. Citronella is a geranium that emits a pleasant citrus-like scent that humans enjoy, but cats, mosquitoes, and other insects do not. The curry plant grows wild in the Mediterranean and has a very strong scent. The low growing perennial will die back in winter but comes back next spring. Geraniums are a win/win plant. is to plant it in an area where they will not be able to ruin anything. The musty odor emitted by the Common Rue keeps cats at bay, but the leaves also offer a bitter flavor, making it undesirable for cats to nibble. They do well in dry conditions, so if you have a cat using dry areas of the garden as a litter box, plant one of these in the exact place. Although we have included a list of 10 cat repelling plants, the results are not guaranteed. If you don’t want to use a cat deterrent such as wall spikes, a sound repellent device, a water jet repellent or a deterrent spray, cat repellent plants are a natural way to keep cats away from your garden. Cats strongly dislike the smell of helichrysum augustfolium or italicum. Effective cat repellent plants for gardens include: Also known as plectranthus caninus, or ‘scaredy cat’ plant, coleus canina smells of dog urine and is believed to deter both cats and dogs, as well as foxes and rabbits. Native to Africa, Eurasia, Australasia, Turkey and Madagascar, the Helichrysums range from tender annuals to hardy shrubs. Although there is no guarantee that these plants will work to keep all cats out of your garden, they are worth a try. Type above and press Enter to search. If you enjoy using the plants that you grow, this herb is an excellent choice as it is stronger and far more potent than other mint herbs in the family. When the cats smell the pee smell, they steer clear of it and will go out of their way to avoid it. If you want to keep them away from using your planters as If you are going to try to use citronella in your yard to repel cats, place them in areas where animals are able to brush up against them which will cause the scent to be released. Not only does this plant work at repelling cats, but it is also considered a deer deterrent. where ever you want to keep them away. The new Pennyroyal plants work well as a border plant for a cat repellent. This plant is not only an effective one for repelling cats, but it is also known as the Scaredy Cat Plant. While most of love the scent of lavender, it is not a favorite among cats for some reason, so they make an excellent choice as plants that keep cats away. The scent of lavender is particularly unpleasant for cats. Affiliate Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Home Remedies to Help Repel Cats and Other Critters, What Plants Repel Cats? I’ll share what I learn as I develop my green thumb. Some oils to try are eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, and other strong scents. Cats choose bare soil when they are looking for somewhere to go to the toilet, so planting ground cover such as perennial geraniums is the ideal way to cover bare patches. Drought resistant, coleus canina will need to be protected from frost, so you should place the plants in a greenhouse or under a cold frame during the winter. It is much easier to deal with a plant that grows freely than It is not suitable for culinary use. It is also a deterrent for deer and many kinds of insects. Rosemary may also work as a summer annual rather than a perennial plant. Also referred to as the mosquito plant as it helps keep mosquitoes at bay, Citronella also works to help repel cats. The appearance of this tropical herb is similar to ornamental grasses; so many people use it as such in their garden beds. One issue you will face with lavender is the numerous options available. The Curry Plant is sold as a shrub and features small yellow flowers that do well in USDA hardiness zones 8 through 11.

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