confessions of a prodigal spouse

I was not the husband I should have been and took her and a lot of things for granted. I Just pray all the time. The wedges that drive a married couple apart are often brought with them from uncleansed childhood wounds and infections. I know you want him in your life…and maybe you should hold on, but the truth is, is by letting go and truly letting GOD decide whats best for you, is the seriously the best thing you can do.

I couldn’t sleep without waking up with physical pains in my heart, and losing breath just imagining him with another. You have a chance to work this out, but do it in the right way…GOD’s way. He moved us to where he was in Feb thinking this was going to be nothing but happiness but God had a completely different plan for us. We go to court In July to finalize the divorce. You have the ability to walk away and let go, when your husband or wife chooses to abandoned you or has committed adultery. He has had many woman. Thank you for this!! I just want my husband and my life back. He says that he still doesn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel with her. And if you are a member of a church, ensure that she receives wise Christian counselling on marriage preferably by a female counsellor who’s in a happy marriage. Pray that their eyes will be opened and that their ears will hear the truth. My wife and I had been separated and she had filed for divorce back in February. I really thank you for this information.

Your problem is not solved yet because the money is not in your hand yet, but you relax, cheer up and know that it is solved because the money is on the way and will get here in time. But I leave it all in God’s hands. In this brokenness I’ve seen all that is possible and where we, and I, failed to create a God-centered marriage. ( Log Out /  Ok good help however I have a few questions when you say that the Lord will not go against the spouses chose well what about our choice I geuss what am asking is I want my marriage and he doesn’t so how does the Lord handle that I mean you say hes not gonna go against the spouses choice so what is He gonna Go Against Mine ? I’m struggling to deal with things and don’t know where to start or how to go on.

Don’t walk away. Be positive. I know he was crazy about me. I’m just worn down and confused. Allow him to trust you with his heart by showing love and compassion. we’ve not been together in a year.

I ended up sleeping in spare room. This is very difficult to go through but I know that God will be my strength and my help. It’s all fear driven & I know she is broken and needs healing from the many men including her dad and including me, who have hurt her. The other problem I’m facing is that her family members have interfered and are because they have no regard for Godliness but have other agendas that would dissuade her away from me. I just pray for God’s guidance for us both because at this point, it would be by God’s grace that it happened. When you are stressing…hurting…anxious…on an emotional roller coaster, the other person isn’t going to see the value in you. My wife then caught me talking to her and that started a big fight. Everyone wants to be loved and feel loved. I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for you, I have not been through a 3 year wait like you have.

He still take care of all our bills after 11months but never talk about us getting back together. Don’t play hard to get or play games that you may believe will entice him to come back. Me and my husband have been apart 4 yrs. I am the one who made the choice to move out. I know how much it hurts. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Get her to read the Bible, direct her to websites which reveal the devil’s dark intentions towards marriage as well as Dr Myles Munroe’s teachings on marriage on YouTube. it broke my heart. I broke our trust, love and respect. Not until the last little bit during group activities with our son have I started to see this change in my ex husband. I know there is a spiritual battle going on for her soul and i still pray for her, but no longer for our marriage. Every time I ask her to get counselling from the church she refuses. I messed up so bad in my marriage and my wife has made it clear she wants to divorce. I Have a Prodigal Spouse! Both of us have developed drinking problems over this last year which is another factor in us not thinking clearly.

A more important question, does God put up with such effort? She will get really abusive for weeks and later complain that i no longer show her enough love and affection. Thank you so much for this post. Telling her she cannot do this. I know because sometimes there are no words to express how deeply you are hurting. Weariness is a tactic of the devil. After a high school boy learns that his father committed suicide, he begins a journey to find hope and reconciliation in the midst of his grief. i spend time online looking for some help to keep my hope alive. Keep on praying, asking, and seeking, and you will get the desires of your heart. LET GO!

Also notice that the people in the Kingdom of God are those from the Old Testament, I wonder how the obeyed God…. Just head over to our Contact page and send us an email. I have asked questions, and GOD never failed to answer each of them. I am not willing to wait until his daughter has gone to college so then he can decide to be with me. Their actions told Yeshua who they really belonged to. There’s not guarantee that he will come back and I know that, that’s not what you want to hear. I know you are hurting and I hope your relationship with God will continue to comfort you and get you through this. And keep on praying to God with all of your heart and sincerity. Jack. I do not want a divorce. He was from Dallas, TX, USA. Anything worth it is. As a matter of fact, there is no where in the bible that mentions his grief. Suddenly she stopped praying and our relationship began to suffer. I am going through this now, I don’t think you should give up so easily. I love my husband, and I so badly want us to reconcile. I feel like I have lost my whole life. Her situation was almost exactly the same as mine, only he lived in England, and her’s was a traditional arranged marriage. Had some ups and downs like any marriage. It was me that threw what we had away. The second thing I learned from Dr. Dobson was when a spouse moves away from the marriage, it is because they want to create some space between you and them. If you want, you can Email me and we can talk. 35 years married…. By the way, the price is a steal considering I was about to spend $500.00 on another marriage help program. We make every effort to establish peace and harmony in our home. I know that everyone is free agent, but it doesn’t mean that GOD can’t sent men/women of GOD to minister and council him through your prayers.

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