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Precisely how the love of the sea entered the Zingarans’ veins is known, but in Conan’s time, Zingara was engaged in a fierce maritime rivalry with neighboring, for trade and regional supremacy. If her plot is discovered before the unchaste rendezvous occurs, she (and all that she owns) is placed at the mercy of the father, husband or betrothed of her target; they are not allowed to kill her, so they usually enslave her or drive her out of town. Historically a king ruled the land out of Kordava but the elegant, bejewelled and hosed princelings and nobles, who usually fought petty battles among themselves and the Poitanians, rose up and destroyed themselves and their noble kingdom in flame and blood. Inspiration for naming a Tribal Himelian can come from modern Afgani names, or a mix of Arabic, Mongol and Hunnish such as “Asad. Never mentioned are the screams of their victims, plucked from burning caravels to be sold in the slave markets of the south. Identity/Class:Human Hyborian era; Zingaran citizen. (Conan the Barbarian #174, "Children of the Night", by James Owsley) Skulls, Place of: A battle site in Zingara across from Poitain. Real Name: Alvaro. The kingdom of Zingara formed around the broad and fertile valley of Zingg, enclosed by a great mountains. Repairing Zingaran Freebooter Boots requires up to: Conan Exiles Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Most common are simply spanish names, many adapted in their spelling to sound a touch more fantastic. Within this universe, Conan the Barbarian is one of most well known stories. The original Hyborians were tawny-haired and grey-eyed but intermingling with other races has diversified their appearance. Villagro had intended to force the Princess Chabela to marry him. The couple enjoys a procession through town and the town feasts, sports and celebrates, often for days. The wealthy tend to dress brightly while the commoners wear more subdued tones. Hyborian: Hyborians encompass those descendants of the barbaric worshippers of Bori, who swept from the north millennia ago and destroyed the ancient empire of Acheron. Zapayo Da Kova is an interesting example of a full name, roughly translated it means ‘Zapayo of Kova,’ with Kova probably being the family estate. ALVARO. Likewise, there are no mechanical differences between the male and female sexes. A maiden daughter is required to have parental or guardian consent to marry, lest a hefty fine be levied against her. For the marriage, the bride and her attendants are brought to the temple on horses provided by the groom. Zingara was founded by people who were an admixture of Valley of Zingg folk (possibly of Shemitish origin), invading Picts, and the Hyborian tribes. She evades the guardians of a woman’s chastity and brings about desired clandestine meetings with the man, using disguises such as physician, peddler, hairdresser, tutor and other such persons that might be admitted to a woman’s presence as pretext to visit the woman in her house. The betrothal is a promise to marry in the future, whereupon a contract for the brideprice is given, rings are exchanged and the whole affair is sealed with a betrothal kiss; the wedding is an agreement that both parties are now married. The Zingaran is one of the types of races in Conan Exiles. The captains of their ships spread fear and respect simultaneously of their race throughout Hyboria, especially in the coastal regions. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed (and who did it), and even restore old versions. No laden camel trains or rumbling wagons or lowing herd moved along it now; only occasional groups of horsemen in leather and steel, hawk-faced, hard-eyed men, who kept together and rode warily. The procuress also knows where women gather and may meet a targeted woman there. Zingaran nobleman are renowned for their chivalry and swordplay, while Zingaran sailors are cursed in seaports around the civilized world as coarse brutes. Known for being the cutthroat champions of the sea, Zingaran are a race to be wary of. Armour and garments are always ornate and made of the best material that can be afforded, stolen or made. Known for being the cutthroat champions of the sea, Zingaran are a race to be wary of. Their devotion was not as strong as in Aquilonia, but their isolation made it difficult for other faiths to gain a foothold. [1]. Some years later, King Fredrugo rules from Kordova, though for a period his mind was clouded by the Stygian priest Menkara on orders of Duke Villagro. The Zingarans were halfhearted Mitra worshipers since they found the strict Mitraic code of morality difficult to uphold. Most of those fields are gone, burnt by the civil wars that raged from one end of Zingara to the other. We've already been saving your edits, so if you However the Picts eventually broke into the borders of Zingara. The later King Rimanendo was overthrown by the forces of Mordermi, who, becoming corrupt himself, was ultimately killed by a mob of citizens and replaced by Santiddio. Cimmerian: Their names tend to be versions of British and Celtic names. Only the boldest ride the roads these days, and the native population had been decimated in the civil wars, and by raids from across the river. Hemmed in on all sides by ocean, the Shemite, or the Pict tribes, Zingaran had little choice for expansion and trade but to take to the open seas. In addition to the agricultural products produced in the fertile southlands, leather was another staple product from the Zingarans. Occupation: Ship's captain. Cloaks hang from their shoulders. Leather boots are practical onboard a ship - for preventing splinters and broken toes, but also for kicking unfortunate prisoners over the side. Group Membership: Barachan pirates, captain of the Falcon of Zingara. Zapayo Da Kova is an interesting example of a full name, roughly translated it means ‘Zapayo of Kova,’ with Kova probably being the family estate. Enemies: Conan the Cimmerian. Zingara It is unlawful in Zingara for a woman to be forced to marry against her or her parents’ wishes. The Vendhyan people take their names from Indian culture such as “Khemsa.”, Zamorian: Zamorian are reputed to be the best thieves in the world and cities such as "Shadizar the Wicked" and the "City of Thieves" reinforce the reputation of this despotic state. There were Pictish settlements among the mountains south of Valusia, which guarded the kingdom against invaders. They file their teeth to points and use mud and twigs to style their black hair into horns, giving them a demonic appearance. From the grapes, highly regarded Zingaran wines were once distilled. Ophir hungers for Aquilonian soil. Soldiers dress in steel and satin. In peaceful times the road was thronged with merchants riding from Poitain to Messantia in Argos, or back. Examples: Beloso, Galbro, Gebbrelo, Gebellez, Valbroso, Valenso, Zapayo, Zaporavo, Zarono, Zingelito; (female) Belesa, Sancha. Many feel that these schools, which also taught principles of chivalry, are essential to the rebuilding of Zingara, to keep it from sliding backwards into barbarism. Most lore masters placed the Zingarans among the Hyborian peoples. Aristocratic and noble marriages in Zingara are arranged by the fathers of young girls and the girls usually know nothing of their intended husbands other than their titles, position and connections. Internal problems, dissensions, and even civil wars long prevented Zingara from eliminating her enemies and once more ruling the Western Ocean. Zingara is a country of the Hyborian Age. Zingara also has fiend-haunted swamps with venomous serpents. In practice, each major Zingaran noble made his own justice, and unless an important noble or commoner was involved, the king ignored such flouting of his authority. Each nation sought to build and maintain the largest merchant fleet of galleys in the West. Immersive Exiles Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Zingara is now a land torn apart and ruined by civil war. Access to the most desirable Zingaran women is limited and difficult, so the procuress provides an essential service. Precisely how the love of the sea entered the Zingarans’ veins is known, but in Conan’s time, Zingara was engaged in a fierce maritime rivalry with neighboring Argos for trade and regional supremacy. Tribal Himelian: Wedged between the Turanians to the north and the Vendhans to the south, Himelians have developed a fierce survivalist society. Aside from Kordava and one or two other great cities, it was a kingdom of mountains, woods and fields where farmers prayed to, for rain. Chinese names are well suited for Khitans, such as “Shan.”, Kushite: Very little is known of the Black Kingdoms, but merchants and adventurers report back with tales of both savage tribes and great civilizations thriving among the vast landscape. The naval rivalry between Argos and Zingara forms a platform for troubadours to spin tales of Zingaran chivalry on the high seas and romanticize the swashbuckling rogues who fight to preserve Zingaran honor. It is a barren plain "a few leagues south of the Alimane". But now these found it wiser to follow the road that led through Poitain, and then turned south down across Argos. The Zingarans blamed Argos for the extensive pirate activity in the Western Ocean, and saw the Argosseans as “cutting in” on their shipping. The Zingarans were engaged in agricultural, commercial, and pastoral activities, and  were ruled by petty princelings only nominally subservient to the capital city of Kordava that lay at the mouth of the Black River and the Zingaran monarchy that dwelt there.

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