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The building was renamed the Burton-Little House in honor and memory of Harold Hitz Burton (Class of 1909, LLD 1937), United States Supreme Court Justice from 1945 to 1958; and of George T. Little (Class of 1877), who was for many years a Bowdoin professor, librarian, and College historian and an ardent benefactor of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. The fraternity’s members felt at home there. But as he built his reputation at the elite liberal arts school in Brunswick, Maine, he began to have his doubts. Additional College-owned student residences include the Brunswick Apartments, on Maine Street, which provide housing for over 200 students; the recently renovated 30 College Street, which also houses a multicultural center; the Stowe Inn on Federal Street; the Pine Street Apartments, which opened in the fall of 1973; the Mayflower Apartments, at 14 Belmont Street, about two blocks from the campus; and the Winfield Smith House, named in memory of L. Winfield Smith, of the Class of 1907. I explored all of the fraternities on campus and the close-knit feeling when I met the Chi Phi guys made this fraternity, MY fraternity, be my second home. Their alumnae association ensures Chi Delts that membership offers life-long benefits. The complex was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017 and underwent major renovations and upgrades during 2017–2018. Brunswick ME 04011-8421, Series 1 The 26,000-square-foot building houses faculty offices, the psychology and religion departments, and the College’s Baldwin Center for Learning and Teaching, which includes the Baldwin Mentors, the Quantitative Reasoning Program, the Writing Project, English for Multilingual Speakers, and Writing and Rhetoric. mystic ties at the 2016 Alpha Delta Phi Society Convention. A Harvard committee has, Similarly at Harvard, not all final clubs are prone to a party culture, and some. House to the Bowdoin Alpha Delts to gather for one weekend in the summer each year. The Delta Pi Chapter consists of men who truly stand behind each other and ensure that we succeed in all that we do, fulfilling our motto of “Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity” on a daily basis. All this is only possible by gathering, during the summer break, which is conveniently the best, Delegates, Society Officers, and other Convention goers will, gather for business sessions at a beautiful conference center, at a new hotel two short blocks from the House during the, day. Over 60,000 initiated brothers. “It shattered a lot of us because we felt like it was a rejection of our family,” said Clark, who was president of Alpha Delta Phi the year it closed. The school exceeded its goal for the campaign that happened as the decision was announced. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Prominent Graduate Members (Alumni/Alumnae),, Join us for the 175th Anniversary of the Bowdoin Alpha Delta Phi in Brunswick, Maine! ONE OF THE LARGEST PHARMACY FRATERNITIES . Click here to register. (A04.07.22): Adjoining the science facilities is Sills Hall (1950), home to the classics, German, Romance languages and literatures, and Russian departments, in addition to the Cinema Studies Program. Phi Delta Psi ["Bulletin Setting forth the Status of the Phi Delta Psi Fraternity and Bowdoin College"] volume 1. The building underwent an extensive renovation, which was completed in summer 2008. The science facility is linked to the Hatch Science Library, which opened in 1991. Student residences, many of them in historic buildings, are scattered in the residential streets around the campus.

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