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If your billing date is scheduled for a day that does not occur in every month (for example, the 31st), you will be billed on the last day of that month instead. Update: Netflix is now directly available in Australia, so you can go straight to the Netflix website and sign up. Final Thoughts. You can also try a different payment method. In this article, you’ll discover the postal codes for all the locations within the city of Abuja, Nigeria. And that's your new card created. That’s how you redeem your Netflix promo code. The link will open a printable invoice page for that specific charge. Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. Each province starts with a different letter. Just click on the location you desire for a postal code/address for your mails destination. You can view your Netflix billing information for up to one year. You enter in your normal Australian credit card (an American Express card is highly recommended), but for the post code, you have to construct one from your own post code - simply add a '0' (zero) to the end of your Australian post code (or add a '1' to the front), and then check this website to see if it corresponds to a valid US ZIP code. So for example, if your postal code is A2B 3C4, the 5 digit number you should enter is 23400. Authorizations are not charges, but may affect your available balance until your bank releases the funds in a few days. My friend suggested me to switch to Hide My IP cause its one of those VPNs that still work fine with Netflix. Our ExpressVPN guide has more instructions on how to get this and other apps for your devices, and set up those devices so you can use Netflix. Most Credit card companies use the zip code of where your Credit Card statements are sent, as your Billing Zip code. Congratulations on taking the first step into your SVOD journey :). By the way, don’t waste your time on Netflix promo code generators or hacks. One additional consideration when choosing a ZIP code is that some U.S. states have sales tax. If you canceled your package, sign in to your Netflix account and add a new payment method. Under Membership & Billing, select Billing Details. One additional consideration when choosing a ZIP code is that some U.S. states have sales tax. There are a few reasons you may be seeing a charge that is more than you expected. If everything is correct, you can retry your payment. But don't fret, there's an easy way to get Netflix in Australia and other "blocked" places. Your Netflix subscription is charged at the beginning of your billing cycle and can take several days to appear on your account. Contact your card issuer if you have any problems.Check your billing statement for a said credit card. The following states don't have sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon - and so you may want to choose a ZIP code from one of these states, if you don't decide to use a ZIP code based on your actual post code. The following states don't have sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon - and so you may want to choose a ZIP code from one of these states, if you don't decide to use a ZIP code based on your actual post code. For everyone else, we have a ExpressVPN quick start guide to get you connected right here. If you are seeing multiple charges or charges that you believe to be unauthorized from Netflix, follow these steps. This guide shows you how to sign up to Netflix in Australia for less than the price of a cheap DVD movie! Plan changes - If you or someone in your household upgraded your Netflix plan, your bill will reflect the upgraded plan price. Now in the main EntroPay account management screen, go to the "Manage Cards" section if you're not there already, and click on the "Add New Card" button. You need to top-up before you're assigned a credit card number. The credit card trick works in this way. If you're using ExpressVPN and you're still seeing this error, do the above connection test again, and if everything appears normal, contact Unblock-ExpressVPN support with your query. Tip: Not sure if you need Netflix, Amazon or Hulu Plus? The next page should as you to "fund the card", for now we'll skip that, so press the Skip button. But before you can use it, you need to put money in it, so click on the "Top Up" link that shows up on the next page, or find the link in the EntroPay Manage Cards section. If you need billing information older than one year, please contact your financial institution. If you prefer to print all the charges within the last year, you can print the Billing Details page. If indicated for your ZIP code, enter the three digits of your postal code plus two zeros. If you somehow have an US based PayPal account, then this is easy, just use the PayPal payment method and you can skip ahead. Please provide a short description of your issue, How to update Netflix account information. For all your video, music and game streaming needs, © Digital Digest Pty Ltd - Copyright 2019, PS3: How to download the Netflix, Amazon (and other streaming) apps for the Sony PS3, Video Streaming Roundup: Netflix vs Hulu Plus vs Amazon Prime, A Geo-Unblocking VPN account (eg. If not, sign in to your Account and select Manage payment info. Step #1: The free address lookup tool has five fields that you can fill out: “Address”, “Town/City”, “Region/State”, “ZIP Code” and “Country”. If the bank or financial institution declined the charge: Check that your payment information such as postal code, security code, expiration date are correct. While there are many different ways to achieve this, the service we're recommending is ExpressVPN. Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. If there is a problem with your payment method, here are some of the most common causes with suggestions to resolve the issue. Being the largest VPN outfit, it consistently gave us the best performance when it comes to streaming Netflix, and more capable of never encountering the dreaded Netflix Proxy Error (where basically Netflix has detected you're using a geo-unblocker). As a Netflix member, you are charged once a month on the date you signed up. If it didn't work, and trying other post codes didn't work either, you may need to sign up to a EntroPay virtual credit card. Third-party: Sign in to your third-party account to resolve the payment issue, then rejoin Netflix. To sign up, go to their website and click on the "Sign Up" link on the right of the home page. Click on the date of the charge you wish to view. There are many options to pay for Netflix including credit or debit cards, and third parties. Don't forget the password you choose here, as you'll need it to log on to Netflix in the future. Assuming you see the sign-up form, fill in the first page. Go to this page, and register to sign-up. Abuja postal code is alternatively referred to as Abuja Zip Code or postcode. They don’t work and are simply useless. You can use any zip code you want, and no proof of address (or billing address) is required. For example, you home address might be 12435 Peach Street Anytown, Oh 44100, but have your Credit Card statements (Billing) go to a P.O. You paused or canceled a package that includes Netflix and there is no other payment method on file. If you would like to change how you pay for Netflix, we have several payment options. Note: In … Warning: In our testing, we found that on one occasion, using our credit card to sign up resulted in the card being temporarily suspended for "unauthorised usage", haha. If one of our accepted payment methods is not working, please contact us for help. You might still want to sign up to a Geo-Unblocking or VPN service (recommended: ExpressVPN) in order to access the US, Canada and other region's versions of Netflix, which will allow you to access much more content, with new content usually arriving much faster.

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