at the beginning of his speech, what bit of humor helps jason reynolds charm his audience

Who else struggles with guilt? “And look at this cool guy,” Grandma said, moving down the line to Ernie, who, of course, had his sunglasses on. Unfortunately, false confidence outstrips ability and good sense as Grandpop insists on carrying out a coming-of-age tradition—teaching Ernie how to shoot—with disastrous results. He set it down and wrapped his arms around the old lady, tight. It took longer to get to his other grandparents’ house, his mom’s parents, who lived in the Bronx, than it did to get to Jersey. How does he know Genie’s grandparents? Chi gives a speech about how engineering is enhanced by communication skills. “If you put that notebook down, you’ll see,” Ernie said, holding the shovel out and walking toward the back of the house where all the trees were. A kiss to make up for the fact that he wasn’t there. Next, there's no Internet, so the questions he keeps track of in his notebook (over 400 so far) will have to go un-Googled. Ernie spoke first. “Took y’all forever to get here.” “You know how your son is,” Ma said, giving Grandma a quicker hug, then swinging around to make sure Genie and Ernie were right behind her. He outside. She was staring out the window, and had been the entire time they’d been on the road. He just lay still in the dark on a mattress that stank of sad old socks. Ma glanced at Dad uneasily while taking in a spoonful of grits herself. Poopidity. “Ernie, cut it out. A little bit of attention goes a long way, Genie noticed. Ernie fell asleep right after them, because, well, he just never had a problem sleeping. Having your listeners actually do something during your speech is another way to increase their involvement in your message. And to make it even weirder, it was crazy quiet! The red truck, he realized, was a model, and the details, the ladder, the side mirrors . They said they needed some time to try to figure it all out. Genie definitely got some air on it this time! 4. What's behind the "nunya bidness door"? Instead, he stared out the window, like Ma, for about an hour, peering into the darkness, thinking about his girlfriend, Shelly, and his best friend, Aaron. “Yes, honey, we’re here.” The skin on her face looked heavy, and Genie wondered if she had slept at all during the ride. 0000024310 00000 n Really, two lists. Why is Genie surprised by his brother’s response? And it got Genie thinking about who he’d want to live with, Ma or Dad, which led to him scribbling a list in the dark. I’m just playin’ with him.” Ernie reached for his sunglasses, which he had set carefully on the floor beside the bed the night before. Nominated as one of America’s best-loved ... A National Book Award Finalist for Young People’s Literature. 0000006828 00000 n That was all Genie could see of her—her face—because everything else was covered up by the flowered gown that looked more like a bedsheet with a hole cut out for her head to go through than an actual nightdress. Why does Grandpop need Crab’s help to carry on the tradition? Which of the following are organizational principles that should be addressed in the conclusion of an informative speech? 12. Who is Tess? loving. Kelly is teaching his audience the steps it takes to make a surfboard. He couldn’t get comfortable. But there were no sidewalks here in North Hill, Virginia. It must’ve been the one Ernie was aiming for, because he threw his hands up in celebration again. novels by PBS’s The Great American Read. There's new food, too, like grits, or, as Genie thinks,"movie prison food." Poopid. I’m the safe one in the family,” Grandma said. “Ern!” Genie cried out, loud enough for Ma to hear. hiding in a mystery box in the backyard. Genie has hundreds of questions, all of which he writesdown in a numbered list for future Google searches. Everybody out,” Dad said, and by the time all the car doors had opened and Dad had popped the trunk, a light outside the house flickered on. Who started the tradition, and why did they feel that it was important? How does Genie react when he sees his grandfather’s gun? 3/15; with Brendan Kiely, All American Boys, rev. 0000011507 00000 n But he hadn’t quite figured out how to aim it—Ernie left that part out. 2. ★ 2016-03-30Eleven-year-old Brooklynite Genie has "worry issues," so when he and his older brother, Ernie, are sent to Virginia to spend a month with their estranged grandparents while their parents "try to figure it all out," he goes into overdrive.First, he discovers that Grandpop is blind. But it’s still standing, just like me.” Grandpop lifted the breakfast tower to his mouth and smirked. “Go for it,” Ernie said, nodding. “Watch for splinters, son,” his mother warned as he walked over the gapped wooden slats to the dresser. “Of course I remember Samantha,” Ernie grumbled, his voice groggy from car sleep. Then, without giving any kind of warning, he cocked the shovel back and flung it forward. If possible, get permission to record audio or video of the interview. Which character’s response is the most similar to your own? What is the major advantage of write-as-you-go media such as chalkboards, whiteboards, and polymer marking surfaces? As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® Then Grandma. She nodded to Genie, then at the empty chair to the right of the old man for Genie to sit in. Happy to have ’em, she insisted. He’d been stabbing his eggs with his fork, but stopped suddenly, as if eating was getting in the way of thinking. Grandpop was the one who would always ask if Genie was taking care of his father, which made it seem to Genie that his grandparents expected him to take care of everybody. Dad’s. When was the last time the yard had been poop-scooped? 0000086038 00000 n Informative speaking generally tends to be noncontroversial. He learns that real courage has nothing to do with shooting a gun, and everything to do with facing your fears and admitting the truth when you’ve made a mistake. “Well,” he started, “your mom is a smart woman, but for me it’s different.” He wiped his mouth with a napkin, then balled it up and dropped it on the table. “Mama, I been up since nine yesterday morning,” he explained, sounding irritated and tired. A novel in the tradition of Curtis’s The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 (rev. Living with Ma Pro: She can cook, real good. He also thought Grandma was a liar. Then he would look back down at his plate, embarrassed for staring. “Because I already can’t see a thing, and I been crazy for years.”. Ma and Dad conked out quick, no surprise since they had been driving all night. This road is a mess,” he fumed, turning the radio off so he could concentrate. Ernie and Genie had been outside having a snowball fight, and Down the Street Donnie, known for being a jerk, had covered a quarter in snow and zinged it at Genie. 0000540085 00000 n He wasn’t usually scared of dogs, and he wasn’t really really scared of this one either, but it was definitely comforting—and weird—to know that this Samantha dog was chained up outside in the dark. 0000540582 00000 n

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